The Bookworm Brigade

The very first Bookworm Brigade organized by @Jonver_David@JonardManilaKid@veritaserum_ got bookworms working up an appetite for good reads and milktea.

The Bookworm Brigade is a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday morning to find a new book to get busy with and meet new people with interesting tastes in books. The event featured book swaps which made the grade. Booktrades where attendees got to sell their books and a book drive for folks to donate educational books for a good cause. All that book business accompanied with good ol' Moonleaf milktea sure beats the dull out of this rainy day.

Early bookworms get the apple.
The early worms got to take home a free pair of felt bookmarks made by Twee Shop in Moonleaf's colors and some magazines too. 

My BB Haul
two of those were from @Jonver_David XD been coveting those since he posted it on the event page. trolololol

Apart from the fun of getting together with folks who love books. I am a firm believer that the best things in life are for free... you just gotta look for it at the right places. 

later days

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