Thinking over a 4 year writing degree

I am on the 1st week of my "serious" job hunt since I am already easing out of my recovery from vasculitis.

The job market is big but I am starting to see conflicts in the jobs I wish to pursue from the degree I attained.

The jobs I seek are mostly design jobs that are requiring degrees of fine arts, IT and believe it or not engineering. Where do I find myself in the midst of professions that I do not belong to on paper? My four year course does not say anything about the things I can do apart from what I have learned in university. I have always expressed a desire to learn and acquire skills to make myself more marketable but more often than not companies do not want to invest on its employees learning but rather enriching what they already know.

In short, if you want the job you better know what you're doing man. (at least invest in the right degree)

I asked myself why I took up an AB in Broadcast Journalism when I have a little interest in hokey for-the-masses entertainment, little patience with our justice system that whores itself into a soap opera that the masses has lost it interest on its 99th episode and deject of the vagueness of press freedom of our country.

I hate to see it in this way but I feel that I may have invested my talents in a degree for a hopeless cause.
Sabi ng isa kong teacher, sa Pilipinas, you do not write to earn a living, you earn a living to write. 

I have already embraced the fact that there is not a lot of money in journalism and rather it is a calling or service that people with the gift of gab can give. I might as well have invested that four years to get into law school which I have not emotionally or mentally prepared for.

I earnestly hope that I have not made the wrong decision to take up a degree which I had high regard for since childhood (but dude, I can still pass for a grade 6 student). Dear universe, please prove me wrong.

Take my word with a pound of salt. I am still bound to get employed.

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