CNA Philippines: Fancy Fantastic!

CNA Philippines 1st branch opens in Malate, Manila.


The store promptly opened at 9am to welcome its first customers who got their fix of Kpop albums and hauls of Korean accessories.  According to Jimmy Kim, one of the store owners, albums by EXO-K, EXO-M and NU'Est albums were even sold out before the later half of the day.
CNA specializes in inexpensive fashion accessories which are all imported from Korea. And if you are a fan of earrings like I am, just wait till you see their wide selection of earrings from formal silver to casual fancy.
 Korean beauty and cosmetic products section.
Their cosmetic merchandise range from nail polish and nail art, facial masks, and BB creams to name a few.  The facial masks they sell are a hit with Chinese and Japanese tourists in Korea. When they buy this they buy in bulk, BULK like- there is no tomorrow kind of bulk.
Kpop fans are in for a treat when they visit C.N.A. because they now have idol notepads, tags, trading cards, key chains, mobile dangles, clear files, and stickers too. THE WORKS.
What you see is just up to the third row. There have got a whole dedicated rack just for all their idol merchandise. The idols socks has its own rack as well. (Define- SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM)
idol socks, can you name anyone from this lot?

Kring Elenzano part owner of CNA gave a short introduction about their shop and had a short Q and A for the shoppers. The Q and A consisted of 2 questions which are
1.) How many branches does CNA currently have and
2.) What does CNA stand for?
A store patron answers the trivia question
 According to Kring they aim to open a hundred more branches in the future which I am sure will please a lot of Kpop fan boys and girls.
Jimmy Kim + Kring Elenzano, The Krimmy Couple / owners of CNA (are you a fan of them too? ^u^)

Korean "Fancy" shop is not enough to describe the whole lot of things you can buy at C.N.A. unlike their Korean counterpart C.N.A. Philippines sells beauty products as well as Kpop albums. That is what makes it a fantastic shop for Korean goods.
 CNA Philippines is located at G/F Unit D University Tower, Malate open every day from 9am to 9pm.  You may refer to this post for directions.

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