I'm Torn: Canon IXUS 220 VS Pentax Q

I am recently asked by a generous soul if I am looking for a digital camera (^u^). Since my trusty IXUS 80 IS is starting to slack on indoor action shots (especially during concerts noooooo) I think its about time for an upgrade.

Being a point-and-shoot Canon fan girl I have an idea of what I might get. Although I'm not limiting myself to Canon as I am leaning towards getting a Pentax Q. So which one will it be?

Pentax Q
I have been ogling over the Pentax Q. Its definitely more handy than a DSLR and a real eye-candy compared to other Digital Interchangable Lens cameras out in the market. I have done research only to find it short of negative reviews (in the sense that no one has ran back to the store for a refund). There is also a pool of interesting Black and White photos taken with a Pentax Q at Flickr.
The Pentax Q is a practical the tool of what fun mindless shooting needs. Plus you get that DSLR-ish feel with its interchangable lens which gives users more manual control on the focus.
Practicality-wise the Q would get an B- since IMHO it is quite pricey. Its not exactly the kind of camera that I can throw in a zip-lock bag and take to a dive (not that I've done that before). I am still hell bent over an underwater housing for my IXUS 80 is which takes pretty decent underwater photos.
taken with an IXUS 80 IS which I am currently using

Thanks to Ms. C's "crash course" in photography I actually have an appreciation for manual controls on Point-and-shoot cameras now. Maybe I could hold out till a Q2 comes out but that will probably take bloody ages from today if the prices don't drop soon.

Here is a trust-worthy contender. I can never go wrong with a Canon especially with one that takes full HD videos and super slow mo. AMAZEBALLS right up my alley.

it looks like it's been taken with a camcorder from the 80's with that much noise. Otherwise the HS videos it takes is pretty decent at 1080p 30 fps.

Its nothing short of what I expect from a point-and-shoot camera. However I will still look for manual controls for aperture and shutter speed. Some folks might say that I should go for a DSLR instead which I reckon, don't really like lugging around.

Now when it comes down to which one I'll be getting depends mainly on the availability of the underwater housing for the IXUS 220. I would really like to pursue underwater photography hardcore point-and-shoot style (probably when I renew my license). If not then say hello to a future Pentax owner.

Later days, Kids.

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