Hospital tripping

Today my foot decided not to cooperate. I could hardly land my left foot to the ground, long story short the pain was so bad that I couldn't walk. I missed a day of grad practice (oh yes, I might not have told you but I did make the cut for graduating students. Hoo-hah!) Actually I still have deadlines to meet and documents to take care of which makes what little braincells of mine, that still work normally, function.

My feet are always unfair with me. It would hurt so much at home that when I'd go have it checked at the hospital it wouldn't hurt as bad as it can get at home. Although today I got tired walking halfway to the doctor's clinic and I had to be wheeled the rest of the way. For the first time my foot was true to itself, I want to applaud it for its honesty but the truth is ugly.

On the way to the doctors' clinic and back, me and mum came across a couple of helpful people who assisted me. Its people like this who give me hope in humanity; Hope for myself that I can have humility, that I've been patiently trying to learn.

After the visit to the clinic I was prescribed to get an IV infusion for steroids but the place to get it done was already closed so I had to get it done at the ER. Getting it done at the ER is more expensive than getting it done at the infusion center (wherever it was supposed to be done). Lets just say I've trashed the idea of getting a grad gift with what my meds are worth.

I don't like emergency rooms, you don't know who you'll be with when you are already there. True enough there was drama going on while I was getting prepped for infusion. Someone near my bed was being revived and I could hear the doctors and that poor soul struggling. I could only think at that moment that I would be breathing air that would be his last, and so as the rest of the folks with me in the ER. I could only shut my eyes and try not to think about death and loss while I am trying to deal with my own pain.

This other kid next to my bed, who was a companion was rather annoying. She kept peeping at me from time to time, making comments that I wish fell on my deaf ear if I had one. I don't know if my patience has worn out from all the meds I'm taking or my low level of courtesy is just very low.

But I am thankful. Thankful that I still have my feet in tact. Despite the pain it reminds me of my humanity. It reminds me that I am still lucky to have people to take care of me even though I've entertained thoughts of being a liability.

I needed that reality check, so that tomorrow I can be hopeful that I will be able to walk again.

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