Global Pinoy Bazaar: Punch Drunk Panda

From one-of-a-kind bags, clay jewelry, stationery, personalized journals, and a lot of other favorable and functional knick-knacks that is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can find at The Global Pinoy Bazaar on-going now till tomorrow. This is a great place to find young creative Filipino entrepreneurs who make money out of what they love doing.
My personal favorite among the exhibitors is Punch Drunk Panda. They're popularly known for their laptop accessories and footwear. You may have come across their products in Analog Soul and Lapdance Bags (Both in Trinoma).

Their recent product release is their camera straps as featured in Wanderrgirl. Designed by Filipino creatives Joseph Velasquez, Nathania Gail Go, Pat Manlapas, and Rob Cham whose comics entitled stories is also available at their booth. Just take a look at those straps, its a far cry from your boring black and brand name strap. You know you want one!
More of Punch Drunk Panda at The Global Pinoy Bazaar after the jump

Today I met two creative folks behind PdP. The creative Jen Horn, one of the artists and Jonver "The Marketing Guy" David and saw Joseph Velasquez when I went back to their booth (because I couldn't resist PdP like the awesome sauce brand that it is).
Triple J's from Punch Drunk Panda. L to R: Joseph, Jonver, and Jen.
I've been a fan of PdP's designs since I've landed on their facebook page a couple of years ago while searching for laptop sleeves. Since then I usually look forward to their laptop skins (stickers) but none of them fit my 15.6'' laptop .  However today I was feeling lucky with their laptop sleeves on sale. 200 a pop and will still be until tomorrow. I just had to cop this.
Fantastic design aye? Unfortunately my laptop barely fits in it *dies*. Despite it not fitting my laptop I guess someone is going to be real lucky this Christmas. Although I'm quite happy with the free pin Jen gave me when I told them that was my first ever purchase from Punch Drunk Panda. Isn't she just awesome? *imaginary high fives Jen* ... I should have just bought your shoes.
This sumo looking penguin makes up for the laptop sleeve that does not fit... like a boss.
Now kids, let me remind you to check your laptop size before getting a sleeve- no matter how much you want one. 

Drop by their booth tomorrow, you won't miss it. It's the first booth you'll see if you are coming from the Powerplant mall valet parking entrance (here's a map). Their products are great gift items for Christmas. Get something for everybody!


Joseph Velasquez said...

Hi Marz, thanks for supporting PdP! - Joseph :D

jonverdavid said...

Hey!!!! Thanks for dropping by! You can also look at my blog here:

I am really happy to have met you! Hope to see you again soon <3

Marz said...

@Joseph & Jonver: You bet! See you on your next sale :D