Global Pinoy Bazaar: Calling Cards

Enjoying your GPB hauls? I bet you are feeling pretty smug, unfortunately this two day sale is just... two days. The rest of the stuff you didn't buy is probably haunting you in your sleep. Thank God for calling cards for giving us a direct line to the goods.

 Lots of colorful and memorable calling cards from this bazaar.
Shops' calling cards in photo: Kate Bakes, Moms 4 Nature, Junk Studio, The Clay Artist, AFS Printing Services, Klay Girl, Theo and Philo, Kinkclay, Witty Will Save The World, Quiddity Arts and Travel, Johz co. Clay, Pandora's Box and Co., Cultus, Filed, and Paperpod Seedpaper

Find out which calling card rocks the creative juices from GPB bazaar after the cut
The calling cards in photo are a handful of different canvases for the sellers' information. It is like a little token from them after seeing their products in person. A neat networking strategy too if you ask. At the Global Pinoy Bazaar I met a lot of sellers with unique products, lets see how many sellers and their products I can remember.
Cultus - is a couture house. Clothes! I'm not the sharpest when it comes to fashion but I remember them for two things. One is because the owner (I assume that was her) asked my friend, Iya A. if she was interested in modeling (Woot! we'll see how that turns out) and second is for their lovely prize which I won at the raffle. Thank you for the lovely necklace!

I'd also like to thank digiprint for the photo. (Magpasalamat sa mga "sponsors" ko -kuno)

Pandora's Box and Co. - I'm a sucker for clay art. Philippine Polymer Clay Guild was there so there were a lot of clay artists and I couldn't tell their products apart. I randomly picked out a card that struck me the most out of all the clay artists. Nothing too complex and a rather budget friendly idea, Pandora's Box and Co.'s card is printed on photo paper with a picture of their doughnut clay pendants.

Earthly Jewels - They too were among the PPCG sellers who gave away free clay goodies, I guess I should have said so earlier. I got this free for liking Philippine Polymer Clay Guild's facebook page at the bazaar. Did you score any freebies from GPB? I'd like to know what you got, leave me a comment about it.

Izzo - Just thinking about lugging a hideous black back for your DSLR that can cramp your style can make you think twice about bring it in the first place. Not with Izzo's camera bags. Panda scored a low-key DSLR satchel from them. Its hard to find stylish camera bags with enough space for other things. Their business card is worth another look with their carbon paper-like design and you can really see that their brand name stands out in this design.

Artwine - Book lovers should check out their made-to-order customizable book covers. You can have them customize what shapes to cut-out and choose the colors for the book cover. Its a neat gift to give this Christmas (*hint hint). Although they didn't have a calling card I got hold of their flyer instead. I just felt that they had to be included even without a card since I remember their brand and product. They even make felt crafts for debuts and weddings, now that's a crafty idea.

The no-frills business card means business.
Witty Will Save The World - The witty folks behind the "Akala mo lang wala nang slumbook pero meron, meron, meron!" and the 2011 Planner "Relaks, puso lang yan, malayo sa bituka" (Unfortunately I was told that there won't be a planner for 2012 ( ゚Д゚)). Ok, I'm not cheating since I knew the brand before hand. Their calling card is professionally printed glossy on card paper and comes in different colors you can choose from. Although the text is small it serves the design well. I just hope you haven't placed their card in your pants that is probably in the dryer as we speak. Relaks, malayo naman sa bituka.

If you have an over stock of paper you should consider donating it to them. YOUR THESIS DRAFTS, YO COLLEGE FOLKS!
Paperpod Seed Paper - Eco-friendly and a recycling advocate is the Paperpod seedpaper. Basically their paper products are so recyclable that when you just add a little water and throw it away a fruit, flower or maybe even a magic bean stalk might grow out of it. Their calling card is made with the actual product. How can anyone not remember them?

And the most memorable of all
 fun and as functional as their products are is their calling card a fortune teller.

Junk Studio - As the name implies they make unique jewelry out of upcycled material, they're pretty good at it to! Thinking about why I didn't buy anything from their shop feels like a missed opportunity. I clearly remember Nikki (le full time crafter of Junk Studio) folding one to give to me after I took one of their regular ones. Their regular calling cards are well designed although it was printed on specialty paper. This fortune teller version is printed on paper but Junk Studio sure has a different way of presenting a calling card.

Calling cards leave an impression and is way for us name-game-losers remember who or what you're selling. I enjoy calling creative cards especially the really unique ones, those are a keeper. Its a must have for every professional, even a non-professional would kill time to have one (mine would have "Jedi in the making" in the profession line).

Note: Sorry blurred the contact information because these cards have personal information on em' (I was debating with myself if it is alright to post other people's contact information without their consent. I wouldn't want that). I couldn't bother asking each and every one of the card owners if I could blog about their calling card designs to keep this post timely. If you need contact details to the shops mentioned just ask and I can give you their contact details. Alternatively you can check out their web site (as linked to their names)

I hope you'll consider these brands when you do your Christmas shopping this year. Enjoy your holiday shopping, folks!

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