CNA Korean concept store comes to MNL

I've been doing my research on fan goods and cute novelty items which leads us to CNA Philippines, a concept store hailing from the metros of Korea, CNA which is an acronym for Culture Nature Art. Just to give you an idea of what kind of products they offer I stalked researched some hauls from CNA Korea.

Its the Haga Twins and Kring (1/2 of the Krimmy Couple) in these promotional photos, I'm looking forward to see the Krimmy couple in the next batch of promotional photos tee-hee.

CNA is spreading its waves of cuteness and fan girl/boy-isms for the very first time at the Dear Santa Bazaar this Friday Dec 2, 2011 at the Megatent. You will want to add their items to your Christmas shopping list. Check out what CNA Philippines has to offer after the cut.
Here are items you can look forward to seeing this Friday:
This headset

Accessories that define kawaiiness!!

CNA is brought to us as the love child of our very own Winter Sonata Couple of the decade, The Krimmy Couple. I bet they will be retailing couple items too ~♥

One of the several CNA shops in Korea
Exciting huh? I am more excited of the possibilities of CNA retailing these

CNA Philippines might not yet be carrying all these items yet but you can let them know that you want to see these in their shop and even get something in return. Join their contest to win any one of their merchandise of your choice!

CNA Philippines will have their soft opening at the Dear Santa Bazaar this Dec 2-4 at the Megatent. This is good time for KPop fans and Korean cute-stuff savvy shoppers to cop these items and more. Have I mentioned that they are retailing Korean albums as well? HUZZA!

Ain't that awesome sauce or what?! Yey A JYJ special limited edition album I can be happily broke now

Like them on Facebook or follow them on twitter to see more of their products. CNA Philippines will participating in these bazaars this Christmas season.

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