I've been blog-dead

The mandatory what-has-happened-to-Marz-Ren-in-the-past-months-without-blogging post has once again appeared after a semesters worth of work took place. I'm pretending to be some busy person as always. #Iblametwitter

Another true story you may prefer not to believe after the jump.

I'm back from what I can call one of the most physically challenging months of senior college. Yes, I mean to scare you.

I may not have mentioned it earlier but I am once again diagnosed with vasculitis. If you have absolutely no idea what that is, you can refer to my 2007-ish posts and you'll have an idea. If you're lazy you can either google it or see this, scary stuff right?

Its not all bad news though, I mean after coming down from Baguio earlier July, my case of unhappy feet took its toll on me that by August I needed a miracle to dress up for my thesis defense. Luckily, like a miracle, I pulled that one off and I got a load of my back. It felt so nice that I had to remind myself that life in the institution wasn't over yet.

Institute meaning, school and graduating... forget about the other institution you were thinking of

Basically its been a heck of a task to wake up early in the morning when all the pain in my foot is throbbing, attending shoots, braving floods (past typhoon Pedring / Nesat) in order to make ends meet for my academic requirements. I had to literally brave floods and the typhoon even with the danger of getting an infection in my open wounds on my foot. Call me an idiot but that is a mass communication student's reflex to get the job done.

But really I'm just being too much now aren't I?
screencapped from Disiplina Manileño a documentary, 2011. I had to go through floods for this one

During that time I've probably hit my highest level of procrastination because I had a reason. Although the little voice in the back of my head told me that nothing is gonna come out of baby-ing the pain and should just suck it up like a boss. Which I did.

Thanks to Kat B for this lovely baller band. I don't usually adorn myself with silicone but here is an exception.

Don't tell my mum but tho she'll probably read this anyways I am a zombie. Working at graveyard hours, my feet looking like this, I speak zombie when I can't get my thoughts straight, and I've started to look like this.
 screencapped from HyPHenated a short film, 2011

I do! Actually this 'look' was for our short film HyPHenated. It's about 4 half-Filipinos who came to the Philippines aspiring to be a Filipino youth representative for an upcoming World Youth Congress. It was screened in the 2011 MassComm Mini Film Fest in SPUQC. I even got the chance to edit another entry apart from ours.
Kapatid short film poster, 2011

I know, I'm lacking in the typography department. I might as well re-edit for portfolio purposes. Then I had another project which took the longest. I spent 2 nights without sleep trying to guess what footage went where. I don't know how I managed but I'm still alive without suffering much from vertigo.
screencapped from The Idea Pool E02 a documentary, 2011

Working on all this was like a whirlwind (whoa, whirlwind? Dejavu!) but I can guarantee you I've been working to satisfy quite a number of people at my expense. Sorry, I sound so cranky. I am when I don't get to eat doughnuts. Have you tried Cielo's doughnuts? I haven't! There is an article about in the online newspaper of ours. Ahh right that is also another project I had on hand. Check out The Requisite... watch me pull your leg trying to be all serious in journalist writing.
Visit The Requisite

Last but not least, this one is upcoming. Pinaskil, a photo exhibit presenting various angles of Metro Manila. Its all going down this coming Tuesday October 18 at the Tea Bar. Bring your under-aged acquaintance there is nothing in the exhibit you would not want them to see.

RSVP to the event

That about sums up all my reasons not-to-blog nearing the "-ber" months if you thought I was working on Christmas shopping lists all that time. That isn't happening till I break even from all the expenditures.

See you around kids!

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