Its so Q! The Pentax Q

I'm completely sold to the idea of a portable DSLR. Mind you, I'm not the biggest fan of bulky cameras let alone lugging one around. Pentax has recently made available in the Philippines their newest addition to the family, the very cute, Pentax Q.
Why you want to consider getting me yourself a Pentax Q after the jump

A new contender in the digital camera with interchangeable lens arena is the Pentax Q. I'll try to avoid the jiberrish but the pros call this as a MILC / ILC / EVIL camera. (Mirrorless interchangeable lens compact / interchangeable lens compact / electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens). IT'S MILC-Y and EVIL at the same time! Basically its a 12MP palm sized digital camera that allows you to take fish eye, wide, telephoto photographs by changing its lens, just as you would with a SLR minus the bulk.
5 of Pentax Q's interchangeable lens
Why I'm so nuts about it is probably because its a point-and-shoot equipped with more than the usual photo filters like Black and White, monotone, retro to name a few (there are also scene modes too! Night, kids, portrait, moving object etc.). Sample the whole lot of its filter effects here. The feature that I like most is that it can take up to 1080p HD videos. Here's a sample taken with the standard lens that comes in the box.

Then just imagine what else you can shoot with the other lens... crazy fun yeah?

Just my two cents but it is probably the most sensible looking toy camera in the generation of plastic toy cameras out in the local market. Plus points for looking like a Leica Magnum that would make your WWII grandaddy nostalgic. This baby looks nothing like its contenders like the modern looking Samsung Nex or Lumix GF3 series but more closely to a Leica M9. What makes it slightly different is its lens and another fun part is that the flash can be popped out.
This little monster made its debut on ANC's Future Perfect a just a week ago to let us know that it is now available in all branches of CameraHaus and goes for PHP 39,999 which includes camera itself, the 8.5mm f1.9 pancake lens, an 8GB sd card, an a camera bag.

On hind sight here are the pros and cons:
  • 12 MP with 5 interchangeable lens.
  • HD video capture at 1080p with Time Lapse mode (uh hello, awesome?!)
  • ability to attach external flash and triggers
  • absolute eye-candy, available in black or white
  • It's specs are enough to take decent photos underwater especially if a macro lens came out for it (according to some folks from dpreview forums, but you may want to read my comment in the cons first).
  • It's a fancy digital camera with a lot of shooting options.
  • No view-finder
  • The lens doesn't retract so it won't fit your pocket.
  • Not all the lens are available locally, you might want to consider waiting for all the lens to be available. If you're that excited all five lens will be first made available in Japan.
  • There is no underwater casing for it. You can make do with a zip lock bag one but I doubt you'd want to risk your warranty. Good luck with that.
  • Not a DSLR substitute. Dude, its still a point-and-shoot camera at the end of the day. Honestly, it really falls under the toy camera category :} ... but still!
Practically speaking this little monster is the eye-candy of toy cameras available in the market. Quite promising to be dubbed as the worlds smallest and lightest camera with interchangeable lens but you know what they say,

It's not the camera it's the photographer who takes a good picture.

Official website: Pentax Q (JP)
full specs: Dpreview
photos from:  warehouseexpress

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