4 day trip aftermath

I'm back from my 4 day disappearance from the cyber-world. I have not been on a vacation neither have I been abducted to a foreign country where child-labor is imposed.

In those 4 days I've gone on a trip where I had to look into a one way mirror. On the other side was someone I knew from four years ago. She was a person who held her piece and eventually entrapped herself in a web of lies and lived miserably from then after.

Today I'm on the way to break that one-way glass and let that girl live her life.

So what on earth happened that I now speak in artsy-fartsy linguistics? It's going to be legend- Wait for it.


We were asked to share our story to the group (my college blockmates). The story I chose to share isn't  exactly the most nation-change inducing story I have to tell but it has been bugging me for a long time. After a short self-debate I chose to share a little excerpt of my story of "The gay man". I made a poem about it surprisingly I did in Tagalog more or less for 30 minutes. HELLO BUWAN NG WIKA!

If you've been reading my posts about the gay man. Surprise! I also like people in that way too. For that I don't want to blame anyone but myself because I chose not to tell the gay man that I like him but after sharing my story to a number of people (even before this trip) I've come to realize that "This is it, I have to tell him or I will hold my piece till God knows when".

No one wants that. At the end of my poem I just had to say the two things on my mind

Don't hold onto things that are really not meant for you
If you love then let go, if it comes back its really for you.

Just a self-ralization I made during this trip. Kids, it's always good to be honest with yourself. Don't beat around the bush like I have been. I'm already nearing my expiration date for this story and I can't wait to see how its going to end.

Later Days

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