Urban Vinyl Magic at RONAC

I saw a feature on the Ronac center in the  in-flight Magazine of PAL, Mabuhay. Ronac center is supposedly a branch for Uratex (a company that makes bed mattresses) where they have a premium bed showroom but I wasn't there for the beds.
 A pit stop at the Ronac art center

Have you guys heard of Secret Fresh? If not, I'd figure the low-down adjective on their shop name being Secret had something to do with it.

 You may have seen them in this year's Toycon last June 18-19. They're known for retailing urban vinyl toys and pop art from both local and international artists. Days before that, one rainy Tuesday morning me and Kuya J decided to brave the rain and check out Ronac Center in the Greenhills. The place had urban vinyl written all over it theoretically. Unfortunately I didn't have my cam with me sans quality pics.

That's where my fancy for TokiDoki stickers started. Teehee
some of the toys they sold during the toycon. Nothing to do with my visit to Ronac center
We checked out the upper floors of the place and to our surprise there's actually a basketball court on the 3 floor and shops on the 4th called The Deck. Unfortunately they were closed.
Fish-eye photo wall
other sights: Left: entrance to the playground Right: View from the 4th floor of the ground.
We also checked out the basement to see what there is. Another shop and Jagnus design studio.

Ronac center is on FB too. My next visit will probably be after I get my thesis over the great wall of defense.

Later Days

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