Toycon 2011

A well deserved post for Toycon day 2. Here's some late ToyCon action. Seriously, I'm doing this about a week after the event but yeah.
I started the day early with the fear that it would be as jammed pack as Day 1. From the tweets circulating it was reported that roughly 10k people showed up and the tickets were sold out on Saturday. It was practically like Divisoria but that just goes to show how much of a sell-out the event was. The Sunday was more bearable because it was an eventful day. Fathers Day, Jose Rizal's 150th Birthday and Toycon smashed into one!
 Three trade halls were used this year it's probably the biggest local Toycon set-up I've been to. One of the trade halls was exclusively for the filming of Cosplay Nation. Con-goers were free to come and go as pleased those who were cosplaying were especially welcomes because they got to go on stage and perform .

I didn't bother going to the set since I wasn't dressed for it. This year I was all about scoring a good deal for toys.

The toy exhibits had a little bit of everything. There were Vintage toys like the ones to can find in the Mint Museum in Singapore.
There were doll dressers too, world class to Filipiñana style.

JP Cuison's Cyborg Rizal from the Secret Fresh Shop was there. The maker and this piece was also featured on the Sunday inquirer on the same day.
From the shop I bought a disposable moustache from. I think we can guess who this one's trying to be. Even in Toycon Rizal is very well remembered.
The Ninoy and Cory mini bust were among the exhibits. These fall under the "collectable" category unfortunately I didn't find out who the exhibitor of these was.  Whomever that exhibitor is he/she sure has a lot of limited edition designer toys. I just wonder how these are stored in a house?
 I also found a Mr. Bunny By Joe Ledbetter hiding behind balloons.
That same exhibitoy also owns two Mickey Maos a gold one and a bronze one. I didn't know the cigarette can be taken off #awkward. 
This piece is called Mickey Mao which goes for $199 a piece. That might not be the most amusing thing to see but if your a fan of toys or the pun behind it you'd appreciate that exhibitor's collection.

I found myself hovering Secret Fresh's booth because I was all about getting Toki Doki stickers and possibly a moofia blind box but I doubt will that happen any time soon?  although only the 6 inch Moozarella was available... Tempting but I can't get that just yet or my mum would throw a fit if I did. I got myself one the new releases from Toki Doki instead.
 All this time I thought it'd be a blind box but I guess I learned my lesson. If it's a limited edition Toki Doki X Be@rbrick collectible it is the same as the one on box design. Good thing this the one I wanted. I just saw it today on the Medicom website, I was told that I'd be the first few to get it if I bought it on the ToyCon. I just got it anyway because it was Toki Doki.
Also on display was Amanda Visell's biggest toy. It is also for sale just like JC Cuison's piece.

Did I mention she's coming to town? Check out Secret Fresh on Facebook

I also got my first piece from the Be@rbrick series 21 c/o Vinyl on Vinyl. They had limited editions signed and numbered Huck Gee X Vannen watches on raffle that was right before I had a short conversation with Ms. Gaby and she was telling me that she met THE KAWS during the unveiling of the big OriginalFake monument in Hong Kong and I was like, I'd-fan-girl that! I wonder if she bumped into Ed there LULZ.
Meet Buzzy, the Bee just like I'll be with my thesis

Apart from her, I also got to talk to another seller at the event who handed me a flyer for the Singapore AFA. She attended last year's SGAFA and it sound just as good as I've been expecting it to be. Those days when Be@rbricks hit rock bottom prices... or so that how I understood it. We had a pretty good chat about the AFAs and yeah I still can't wait to get pawned by Singapore AFA or San Diego Comic Con, whichever comes first.

This was the best Toycon year for me because I finally saw Jin Joson as Kimihiro Watanuki (because I'm a fan girl and you might have seen her before dressed up as your favorite character. =3). Passing Tuxessories that afternoon on the way home was totally worth it! Hey Ace Attorney, TAKE THAT xxxHolic-ness! XD
Because Jin, Miguel and Team Tux are awesome! Uber thanks to Mau who did the talking for me because I was having a fan girl moment right then and there

And thats Toycon 2011 for me, I gotta go back.
Later Days, kids

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