Bantay! Bantay! sa Bantayan

I skipped 2NE1's The Party to do this
in an island in Cebu called Bantayan

There is a beautiful island North of Cebu known for its white beaches, lots of seafood, Bam-i and great hospitality. To get there you need to ride an airplane, a bus, a boat, and a tricikad (similar to a pedicab) and it takes about a half a day's worth of travel from Manila. Don't get lost, here's a map of Bantayan.
We arrived in Mactan-Cebu at 12a.m. (an hour late from the ETA because of a delayed flight). We were up for a 3 hour road trip so we had to have lunch in Cebu. I insisted that we have the ever famous Cebu Lechon, the closest place we could get it was at a SM Savemore near the airport. Because going to my favorite Sutokil, Luz's Lechonan in the city was out of the way and we had to catch the 3:00p.m. boat to Bantayan.

We arrived in the Sta. Fe port around 4PM and it was raining. From the port we rode a tricikad to the place we checked in. We stayed in a new cozy place called Heather and Aspen Inn. It's an ideal place to stay at in Sta. Fe where most of the good restaurants are at and it is walking distance from the beach.
After we settled in, the first thing we did was to check out the shore line and saw some interesting things
 Yes boss, they have consistent white sand beaches all around the island. By night fall Dad was already hanging out at Marlin's resort for a bottle of beer and we met Enteng the bartender.
Enteng was a energetic guy whose fairly new to bartending, I was lucky to try his first attempt at a margarita and it's a pass although I enjoyed the grilled squid more.
That's just the appetizer, we had dinner at CouCou bar and had seafood pizza, which is a must-try. You know, it was so good that I forgot to take a picture of it .

CouCou bar is owned by a foreigner from Belgium, I guess that has something to do with the food they serve. Its the only place that served brewed coffee in Sta. Fe during our whole stay.

Wala pong Bangus na inihanda at nakain sa kabuoan ng itong paglalakbay

Day two coming right up...

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