Bantay! Bantay! sa Bantayan [Day 3]

Island hopping day! Mum made it a point that we visit Virgin Island and Paradise Resort. First stop was at Virgin Island. They've got an entrance fee of 450PHP per head, we didn't swim there. Instead of paying an entrance fee we made a boat entry into the sea from another part of Virgin island that didn't charge.
 Just trying to make the most of Virgin Island by making a boat entry. Pretty deep around this area.

Next stop was Paradise beach which is East of Octong Cave (it's pretty close to each other). We had our packed lunch of grilled squid and fish, prepared by the folks taking care of Heather and Aspen Inn. Home cooking made of win!

In the afternoon we went for a ride in a multicab towards the north end of Bantayan, Madridejos.
The part of the island with remnants of a Spanish structure called "Kota". It's like a mini museum real small, like a four walled room with no ceiling and that's it pancit.
According to the land marker this "Kota" was constructed in 1790 with coral stone, egg whites, red sugar, lime and, sand and presto! It's a cake. It was used as a camp during the Spanish occupation and was used till after the WWII as a public cemetery.  It could use some restoration since the trees growing from it is destroying the structure.

We were too early to watch the sunset at Mardidejos so we checked out what else there is to do in the resort. This inside the resort compound there is a small library which had the cutest greeting.
Taken at Lawisanon public library. Sounds grammatically wrong but you get their point.
And there's even more interesting things to see in the beach when it's low tide.
Random things I found along the shore when the tide was going out. I'd give you a cookie if you can tell me what those orange things are. I was joking that these were Undin's eggs, it doesn't hurt to think otherwise.
By sun down it was time for another seafood delight. This time we had dinner at D'Jungle in Sta. Fe. Its been featured in Lonely planet and their seafood buffet is like a happily ever after for a hungry tourist.
D'Jungle has to be the most pricey buffet in the island but its absolutely worth it if you're cool with buffets.
That concludes my trip to Bantayan Island. I'd go back if there's a chance. Now don't you just love to pay a visit to the Philippines?

Later, kids

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