Bantay! Bantay! sa Bantayan [Day 2]

Started the day looking for breakfast. We tried Le Petit Bonheur which is right at the end of the road from Heather and Aspen Inn. Although they said that they serve breakfast, they had no supply that day and suggested that we try another restaurant. (At least they have a sense of community).
You gotta agree with me on this, that ambiance looks really cozy huh?

We had breakfast in HK Cafe owned by a Briton. Instead of going for Filipino breakfast I had a weird craving for pancakes and oh boy was their pancake mix something! That goes the same for the syrup it came with, it tastes like prunes.
They seem to be a more popular choice for lunch or dinner than breakfast judging from their menu. While I was having breakfast, a supply jeep came by and started hollering at the neighbors "DELIVERY DELIVERY"
I just thought it was funny that at quarter to eight in the morning restaurants and shops in this island are still in snooze-for-the-nth-time-to-wake mode. I thought it was alright since its not peak season in Bantayan. BTW peak season here is during the holy week and most tourists bring their own vehicles into the island via boat, so traffic happens.

Swimming @ Marlin's
Marlin's has suddenly became a favorite, just coz its the first resort you'll come across if you're walking by the beach in Sta. Fe. It's a free country and a good example of this is that you can go resort-hopping for free by walking at the beach shore. That's what we did to get to Kota Beach.

High-tide in the morning and low-tide in the afternoon. If you're up for some ridiculously hot sun burns, by all means do your swimming in the morning (just messing with you). The best time to swim is usually at 3P.M. onwards when the sun is cool and you have lots of sand to play in.
For a change in location we went to Sta. Fe Beach Club where the Octong cave is. You can swim there but at the moment it was only good for photo ops.
Since there wasn't going to be any cave action happening we just head down to the beach. The sand here isn't as fine as it is in Marlin's since there's a lot of shellfish business going on.
We went snorkeling to check out the marine life but it's very hard to find fish because the water is too shallow. A good habitat for star fishes to live in. Lets see if I find any.

next thing I knew they were every where and I found myself in trouble

Later when the tide got lower I did those stars a little favor and threw them into the deeper part of the beach since they might dry up, a habit I got from "The starfish story". I ended the day with another must-try-when-in-Bantayan specialty the 'Bam-i'.
Bantayan's local version of pancit. Your eyes are not deceiving you, mas marami pa akong nakitang seafood sa pansit na to kaysa sa beach.
 To go with the pancit mum bought this monay-like bread which she calls Pagong
This is as big as a small American football, maybe I should call it football instead? Later during our trip I found something similar to it but much smaller in "Titay's" (a popular brand of rosquillos, my favorite also) in Liloan. It was called "Francis" and so I guessed this must also be a Francis... or this is Francis's big brother

End of day 2... more island fun coming right up

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