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Here are some of my favorite social media websites that might help you get cozy with 'selling yourself online' minus the trouble of coding a website. The idea of this post is to introduce you guys to sites that can help you organize your online content and mash it all together to make up one really awesome website.
Its the 21st century if the world is gonna end next year, I want my own website with a .com domain, mom / dad / or whoever would pay for that, but I don't want to bother you because I'm trying to be an independent broke.
If that's your drama, you don't really have to waste your braincells on the technical and financial pish-posh the web is throwing at you. If you really want your own website NOW, then check these alternatives out.

You've probably seen online ads on Wix. I'll tell you, they're not wasting your minutes when they promised you a flash website because they know in the back of your mind you'd be thinking "free flash website? fyeah right".
Your web address would look like this: 
This has to be the best thing since I've used! Just because it's flash based gives it an edge and it's free. If you want a website feel to your personal space online Wix might just do the trick. Just a warning though, if your running on dial up internet speed you might want to try the next best thing which is
Just like wix it's got a drag and drop interface (meaning anyone can do it, even your grandfolks can). Although it won't make you a flash website what people like about is that you can do without the trouble of thinking up web content because it incorporates content from your facebook, twitter, tumblr, what have you.  Now who doesn't want all of that in one page you can call home?

This a prefect example of an "aggregator" if you've heard of that word before. Your link would be like this alternatively you can also use your own domain.
This might look familiar because it's basically everything is but with a different address and a feature which allows you to check the stats of your page.
The only con is that there's a toolbar on top of your page promoting the website. If that doesn't bother you then you can have this awesome web address

For the creatives
If your looking for an online portfolio host here are some websites that can help you create an organized web look for your work.

This site sells you the proposition that with cargo culture you can expect maximum exposure of your art that goes with your ever-changing style. Its practically a website for your creative work. The catch is it runs on an 'invite-only' basis before you can set up a site with them. This is to ensure the quality of works they host.

You can try sending them your sample works. if they like it, then your in. Pretty slim pickings huh? But it's been hosting some of my favorite creatives like Cecilia Chen Yker Moreno
If you had your portfolio here, your link of absolute win would be something like this

This site promises creatives and alike an organized website to feature their work for free. It is by far the best solution for budding creatives to showcase and sell their work online.
I even found one of my favorite craft art here. How inspiring!
A portfolio link here would look like this:

One of my old and personal favorites, DeviantArt has housed all sorts of creative work. From vector, manga, cosplay photographs, to fan art, its all in there. Its a popular choice among young users which allowed them to create cliques with other creatives. It has housed a large number of works from budding mangkas (Japanese word for a comic artist or cartoonist) and well known artists like Alodia & Budjette Tan (Trese).
The best thing about them is that they protect each artists' intellectual property by adding creative common licenses to the artists work (if they opto to). Your link here would look like this:

It isn't only illustrators who need web space for their works that's why the crowd in Coroflot hosts more industrial designers, packaging artists and architects. This site lets the creatives create portfolios while the non-creatives or employers, the ability to post job ads for creatives.

That's practically putting yourself up for the job and maybe enough cash to buy yourself a domain. Because not all creatives build ideas with a graphic tablet. Your link would look like this:

THIS IS TOO CUTE TO BE TRUE! It is, so get a move on. With a homepage design like this I bet it must be turn off for guys to create a professional portfolio at carbonmade. Don't worry, your future employers won't see this page on your portfolio, just check out portfolios to the likes of Pasquale D'Silva and Patrick Galang. Wicked huh?
Your portfolio address here would be like this:

So if you decide to make your own website or portfolio, I'd love to see what you come up with. Leave me a comment down below or at the chat box. Especially if you're game enough to try

Before I go I'll leave you with one more website.
Although this isn't a personal web portal, if the idea of keeping things organized in lists appeal to you this might come in handy since I'm giving you all these websites to check out.

From the same guys responsible for the awesome book series of Listography, which I have been tempted to buy so many times but still fail to buy, has an online version of their lists customizable to your liking.

Later days

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