Cass PH 8G: The hype is still there

Cassiopeia Philippines 8G was definitely the carnival made of win this year. It practically felt like a mini convention where you can find a red sea overflowing with love for TVXQ. This goes out to the folks who tried to make it, didn't make it, wanted to go but *insert excuse here* and Cassiopeia.
As early as 8 am there were attendees lining up in the not yet open Starmall. Can you grammar check "excited much"?
Behind the scenes the folks setting up the venue got the chance to marvel at the humongous streamers (which was raffled off at the end of the event). I don't use 'humongous' on a regular basis to describe things, mind you.
tarps being prepared to hang
This took more skill and effort to win than to put it up
Sexy? I know, they all are and then I died. The streamers were about 15 feet high, I wonder where the winners are gonna put them although I have an idea where one them is going. One of the winners said that she'd put it on the roof of her house. Those streamers were not the only things the attendees got to go home with, some of them won life sized standees. Where they go, what happens to them after, we'll find out in a couple of days (or in another post).

By the time the venue opened at around 11 am, I knew that this was going to be a crowd that you could only please with a good time.
Because they patiently waited TVXQ came out and welcomed them and crowd went wild!
photo courtesy of Erika Paulino @ Cassiopeia Philippines

You could see the smiles on the faces of those who were first to come in the venue. Happy happy joy joy.
The attendees didn't go empty handed because right at the entrance they got their share of goodies. While the attendees kept coming in I could not help but laugh that this happened again this year.
photo by Erika Paulino
(c) Cassiopeia Philippines
Translation of caption: The only difference between 7G and 8G. On 7G Jaejong was out of stock. This 8G SOLD OUT already!

Like every other gathering our lovely host Ms. Funny Sexy, Kring Elenzano, was there to bring more fun to the gathering.

Just for the LOLZ she mentioned coming up with  K-pop inspired Tagalog gay lingo. Some of which are "GANDAra Park" and "Onew?" it's a Tagalog thing but you should check out her blog and read her post.

If you attended yesterday's gathering and have sharp listening skills, you would have heard it and ROFLMAO-ed

We had games with really tacky names like Ang Gintong Itlog ni Junsu (The Golden Egg of Junsu) a fan subbing contest and Pahabaan ng Dong Bang (Longest Dong Bang) which is actually a game of making a long line. There is also Poya o Premyo which is an adaptation of an old popular Filipino game show called Pera o Bayong, it's just a bummer that the grand prize (which was 8 official releases of TVXQ/ THSK albums) for that game was not won.
In a Cass PH gathering anything can happen, even Kim Junsu will wear a skirt for the fans photo (c) Cassiopeia Philippines

This year the cover groups were practically THE BOMB! More consistent and worth flailing over. I simply loved them! Here are my two of my favorites.
 MFINIGO who performed Purple line

video courtesy of
and 5CL with Rising Sun

video courtesy of

If you want to see more photos of this gathering there's a bunch of albums of the event floating on FB. Cass PH's FB page should be coming out with links to the photo albums of the attendees.

At the end of the day I realized "those who attended are the luckiest because they get to win everything". Just try and digest this:
2 winners got to go home with 8 TVXQ releases from Universal records
5 winners got to win original SungKyunKwan Scandal merchandise
5 people got to take home life sized standees
5 lucky folks got to keep the 15 feet long streamers
at least 10 people won Keep Your Head Down albums
PLUS other prizes came from the booths just like the Henna booth that raffled out 4 singles from the TRICK series of THSK.

Its no jokewon when they said that they were "overflowing with prizes" I wish I had won some goodies myself.

I also would like to quote Erika P. on this
"There is no denying that Cassiopeia will ever fade".
Before U Go let me end with this picture that if Kuya Edward hadn't pointed out I probably would not have notice.
taken at 4AM Shaw blvd. side of Starmall while I was sleeping... JOKEWON!

I'm just running out of adjectives and pictures to describe this event. 8G: The Carnival can be and was described in one or two words like "대박" "united" "it rocks" and these words didn't come from me but from those who were are the event themselves. Here's one from Most Requested Hits magazine's photo coverage of the event - LINK.

Much love to the folks who make this event possible! More power to the Cassiopeia fandom. As early as now I'm already looking forward to a 9G like yeah!

By then I hope the 5 people I'm waiting for have already returned

Later days kids!

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