Whose afraid of the RH Bill?

It's been almost a month since I've kept this post in the drafts but I decided to bring this up because it's in the news again. Surprisingly involving people whom I thought were strongly opposing the RH Bill.

I'm pretty bad with making a stand when religion is involved. Honestly I'm torn about this RH Bill going about in congress. Basically it has its good and bad points but it really boils down to the people running this country and the masses to make a morally upright decision when life comes into the picture.
a stand for life

I have never been to a rally, this is probably my first. As I've said I don't really know my stand on this matter because I'm not a Catholic but I am Christian. Just my understanding of it

Catholic Church = opposes RH bill

So don't preach your piece at the general mix of Christians. I don't particularly like taking about religion because its always a difference case for me. Being at this rally I kept my mind open to try to understand why Catholics are so persistent with trashing the RH Bill.

What RH Bill?
For your nogging, The RH Bill or Reproductive Health Bill is a law in the talks in congress which promotes the use of contraceptives such as condoms and pills some of which are abortifacients.
In the Philippines, it's a crime to have children aborted. Even if bearing a child causes health problems for the mother it is still a crime to have the child aborted. It is a cut-throat decision to have an unwanted baby, so girls I'm speaking on behalf of a lawyer's knowledge so take good care of yourselves.

But we're talking about contraception in the RH Bill and when abortifacients come into the picture... that makes it controversial apart from the Catholic church who views this bill as a promotion for premarital sex. I hope you understand the gravity this bears when making moral decisions.

I was here, I stood with all of them for their cause
the crowd kept growing even till after my group left

I took this experience as a opportunity to learn and maybe pick up points that would help me figure out what a better choice would be by being surrounded by people who are against the RH Bill. But honestly it feels awkward to be standing in a crowd who are making an effort to stand for something while I'm having a mental debate "I thought there was a separation between the church and the government?".

I value life, a lot, but I value people's feelings too. Those who suffer because they cannot afford to keep mouths fed, those who feel sorry for themselves because they cannot do anything for babies housed in their human shelter for 9 months. The life deprived from the unborn. Just some instances I am reminded of when the RH Bill is brought up.

My school has not failed to do their part in teaching and urging us to oppose this bill and the value of life but I have my own view at things and I respect theirs. That is why I joined them to show that I do respect life but still wish that there is something else we can do for those who do not have the resources to feed hungry mouths or provide education. By the end of the day I just said to myself "Wow, I was in an actual rally".

When we look at it as a solution to poverty as the government makes it to be, I don't think that cutting off lives before they've been lived is a logical or moral solution. From studies its already projected that the population will definitely blow up even before 2015 (coz I don't believe its the end of the world next year).

I hope they've realized that the solution to poverty can come from the folks who invest their time in more important house bills. More often than not its from non-elected people that the bright ideas come from.

My braincells could still use a lot of enlightenment.

Later Days

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