Holy weak!

Stop. Don't Diss. no distress coz its


can't see picture?
Think about what your supposed to see and reflect on this holy week, folks. I've had my share of sacrifices, just trying to keep myself from leaving nasty carbon footprints anywhere in the world.

Here is Marz's schedule of today's mood shifts. FYI this was not a planned or scripted
4:30 - sleepy
6:00 - full
7:00 - fidgety
8:00 - calm
8:35 - denied - THIS IS EPIC! I got denied so early in the morning by a foreigner in my country speaking my language. WHUT? Ok he might not be a foreigner okpleasedon'tkeelme
8:50 - liberation
9:00 - carefree
10:00 - optimistic
11:00 - hungry
12:00 - sleepy
13:00 - tired
14:00 - lucky
15:00 - nostalgic... WHAT?
16:00 - confused / torn
17:00 - grateful
18:00 - loved
19:00 - piqued
20:00 - pissed
21:00 - tired
22:00 - HERE, present

I realized that I really like being in an advertising firm, especially in the one I was signed in. Let's just call the company "Washington". My short stay in "Washington" gave me hope that there's actually a job that I can do and will love doing after I complete my college degree... that's like taking a walk into Santa's workshop and applying to be a reindeer or an elf, either works.

I used "Liberation" in the first and unfortunately last submission I made for Washington. Some things just have to be sacrificed for the sake of growing and learning and what coincidence that it has to happen on the same week as Holy week. I'm weak sauce, dude!

Later days

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