Have you come across this word today?
Should you find the need to use "bemused" in a sentence, you may attach my name to it.

Marz has not used the word bemused as an adjective to describe anyone she knows.
Should you be bemused, Marz knows why

What's been up with me since lately?
I've been saving up my stories since I started my internship and so I'm not allowed to talk about what I do or who I've been working for. If I tell you then I'd have to kill you. yeah right

Don't be mortified to find out that I've been walking around in public places soliciting signatures from random people. It's just part of the job.

WHAT NOT TO DO in a job / internship interview.
1. Have the HR personnel compute your requirements for you
- I've gone on an interview in one company where the person interviewing me had to compute my grades herself.

2. Not ask for the name or shake hands with the person interviewing you
- Oh puhlesse, it's not like you don't want the job right? If you want it, then get it right- THE FIRST TIME you do it.

3. Act like your disappointed
- So you didn't like what you hear on the phone. Don't laugh it out and drop the call before you politely say your good-byes

4. Talk about blunders of the company your applying for
- unless you can make up for it... at any part of the interview

For everything else that I haven't listed here might not have happened to me or I had a very traumatic experience that I forgot it ever happened.

Later days

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