St. Paul QC: SuFAIR Saya! Part 2

Because one day of funfair isn't enough for Paulinians, I give you another personal account of suFair Saya DAY 2
The morning of Day 2 was all about hyping up the crowd of the evening's concert. Fusion had the chance to feature folks who found the fair 'Sufair saya' in the Sufair saya talaga segment. One of the major highlights was the tix giveaway for Justin BB's concert sponsored by Smart Communications

Ms. Quieng and Boogs with the tix Photo by Daisy D.

 Sarah R. and Dan E. at the Smart booth Bieberoke-ing to J.Bieb's music photo by Eva P.

Back at the Fusion booth there was more cheese and fluff from the high school kids, I'm just saying. Here's the top 5 most requested songs at the Fusion Booth
1. Bruno Mars - Grenade
2. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
3. Far East Movement - Rocketeer
4. Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl
5. Taylor Swift - Back To December

and the top 3 most requested artist
1. Justin Bieber
2. Bruno Mars
3. Far East Movement

photo by: Daisy D.

Now lets fast track to the Love Out Loud concert! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM...

Concert goers @ 4:30-ish p.m. right after the gym opens up for the audience. photo by Angel C.

For a 6PM concert the gym opened early at 4:30p.m. student bands were first to perform followed by the minor bands like About Radio and Grace Note coupled by the J.Biebs concert tix raffle.  With that, it is my pleasure to present your hosts
L to R: John Tanchuan, Nikki Viola, and Alvini Cruz (he's on a roll) photo by Angel C.
The three hosts were occasionally joined by Marky M. who totally sold the Jake Cuenca impersonation. Love out Loud boasts of student acts such as the high school DTA and its three major bands the Bloomfields, Imago and Callalily.

photo by Angel C.

photos by Sarah R.
There's no right words to describe how warm the audiences were to all the performers most especially for the three major acts.

The Bloomfields photos by Eva P.:

If I'm not mistaken this is the second time for The Bloomfields to perform to SPUQC. This time was hotter than the first time I've seen them perform.

Imago photos by Sarah R.

It's Imago's first time to perform in SPUQC and they found the audience very receptive

and the highly anticipated band of the evening, Callalily. Photos by Sarah R.
Their hit "Stars" was made of win that evening

The crowd's energy was as high as the ceiling! I could easily compare the audience's behavior to that of a Japanese concert's audience being very cooperative and responsive.

The crowd following Kean C.'s request for cellphone lights. photo by Angel C.

I'm not sure what to make of Kean's accent it's different but I guess its cute.
Photo by Rima N.
well boys and girls, it's time to say goodbye
-Kean C.
To summarize, let me quote Paris Hilton on this one,
That's Hot
That concludes day 2 of the fair, SUFAIR SAYA isn't it?

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