St. Paul QC: SuFAIR Saya! Part 3

All good things come to an end but the last day of the fair wasn't a sappy or sad ending but rather  an empowering one which was true to it's name SUFAIR SAYA! Here's what when down on the third day of the fair.
The fun run was organized to generate funds for the St. Paul University's developing eco-village in San Miguel Bulacan and is exclusively for Paulinians. Most of the participants were the current staff (both non-teaching and teaching staff), students and their family members as well as alumnae.

5:30 a.m. Paulinians gather at QC Memorial Circle and make their mark for the fun run. They got busy with pinning their numbers on their singlets and doing their own rituals to prep up for the run.

The crowd that gathered in QCMC Photo by Denise N.

The start of the race was LOL-worthy since the 2K runners started with the 4K runners, talk about an over crowding at the starting line. Some people opted for the alternative activity which was the 'fun walk' since I think running is the last thing to do when there's a crowd.

RUN, PAULINIANS, RUN. Photo by Denise N.

While I was complaining to myself about the awful tinnitus I had from the night earlier I barely made it in time for the run, and run I did. I had no idea where my mates were so I just figured running was the best way to find em' so run I did. Then I passed the first set of blockmates whom I greeted. I couldn't keep stationed with them so I just kept running until, I ran up to another set of classmates and it was the same story throughout the 2K run. It wasn't until the final check point officer directed me to the end of the 2K run. I realized that a 2K run was weak sauce for me.

At the finish line the only thing for me to do was to wait for my mates and call it a day.
Trick and Mia at the finish line

During the wait it was already awarding time! I don't find it surprising that Sir Phil was first to finish the run. Having asked him days earlier when I saw him at the students affairs office when he was asking for his singlet I asked him if he was a runner and he said yes, so that figures.

Sir Phil with Jad and Guia Photo by Denise N.
If speaking French means you can run fast, sign me up for that class, oh wait, I am in his class.

That's the end of SuFAIR saya! It was definitely worth all the hard work. I'm just some pundit who veni vidi vici-ed this event. Time for a well deserved R and R .

Later Days, kids

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