St. Paul QC: SuFAIR Saya! Part 1

The three day excitement ended yesterday with a fun run at QC Memorial Circle and surprisingly instead of being dead-beat tired, I was rather energized although it was different story when I hit the sack when I got home.
The day 1 account after the jump
Day 1
At 8 o'clock the campus was busy as beehive with students, guests, and concessionaires preparing their booths. Fusion too, was cooking up their humble comeback after ages of lull air time. That is, thanks to the lovely volunteers who showed some love by bringing color to the booth.

New Fusion mascot? We'll ask Panda

Decorations being prepared by Panda and Mojo. Photo by Daisy D.

To make it official a ribbon cutting and blessing of the fair grounds took place after the first Friday mass.
Photo by Daisy D.
While that was going on at the catwalk, Fusion took over right after with an opening spiel made of win (brainstormed by yours truly). I had to skip all the fun stuff and got busy with the tech business for the cultural show so the following events I'll be narrating was according to how I heard it o'course I popped in the scene every now and then.
Photo by Daisy D.
FUSION tied up with other booths, like the jail booth and the marriage booth. The DJs got to announce who got married. Those two in the picture looks like they really had it in for them. Awww mushy stuff.

On my end of the fair, me and the production staff had to run the cultural show three times in a day. Even if I was behind the scene I really enjoyed the chorale's Broadway segment. You don't have to ask me, I'm not the only who'd say so.
Chorale's Broadway act finishing pose Photo by Daisy D.
For a cultural show it wasn't just glitz and glamor, there was a couple of daring numbers too like the Pangalay and Sayaw sa bangko.
Pangalay Photo by Daisy D.
Sayaw sa Bangko Photo by Daisy D.

When did the Alvini show happen?
I really don't to bring up the bias for my brother but seriously, this has been a popular conversation piece during the cultural show period (FYI Alvini's not paying me for the PR work). This goes out to all the fan girls, ladies and fan boys too.
Yeah, you bet he pawned it~ being almost at ever number in the production. If I may quote a random comment
"That boy's gonna be a artist someday"
HUMAN MITOSIS would have really come in handy for me because I had to watch over the kids from FUSION and be at the cultural show at the same time. Thankfully we pulled through and the volunteers and DJs all did a good job with manning the booth, with that I rest my case for Day 1.

Most photos used in this post were taken by Daisy De Asis Thank you thank you thank you!

End of Day 1

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