Now is a good time to blog

Before reading today's newspaper I picked up the Sunday Inquirer Magazine first and surprise surprise- it's all about blogging.
 I think I actually owe you a little more on my 2010 PBA experience, it was so last year but yeah
The Professional Heckler was featured on the SIM and the photo in the article was taken from the 2010 Philippine Blog awards and my copy of the program is just lying around my desk- I knew it was a good time to blog again. It takes me back to the awards night.

I came there by myself, not knowing anyone personally, what to do, or what to expect- NADA. Just another getting-out-into-the-world experience for me. It would have been a good start for meeting new people but I just realized that I make a great floral decoration if you get my drift.

When I saw Sir Az of Azrael's Merryland I didn't bother to drop him a line pretty much coz I'm shy after not claiming his Rain concert tix (I didn't want him to remember me for that T^T) so yeah. Apart from him I saw relatively well known bloggers whom I follow and see around the blog-o-sphere like FlairCandy, The Professional Heckler, Aileen Apollo, and Ms. Funny Sexy / My Korean Boyfriend- who is an exception since we're friends.
you gotta admit, watching a foreigner forcibly eat Balut is hilarious. SRSLY

Apart from the PBA in the SIM there's also another blog which I follow, whose content may be cryptic old but always new to the kids of my generation and the far much younger ones. Video 48 a blog that can introduce you to ye good ol' Filipino films to the likes of Nora, Christopher, and FPJ.
It's a good read if you're new to the blog-o-sphere getting to know other bloggers. Honestly, I didn't know the Philippines had it's own cream of the crop when it came to blogging, not till after I learned of BryanBoy and the PBAs in 2007.

As for me well I've got a long way to go before I can make a name for myself in the Philippine Blog-o-sphere, but that's not why I came here for in the first place. Judging by how I know these notable bloggers make me sound like I'm some kind of a stalker-fan girl, maybe that should be the name of my next blog, huh?

Later Days!

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