Happy New year, folks! Marz Ren, reporting in for the first day of the year!
Like the first snowflake on a winter, comes the first day of a brand new decade.
Its not the only "1"
Have you took note of how many 1's appeared on today's date and time? A little numerology for your mind. Today is 1.1.11
Time today HH:MM:SS:nanosecond (ok, that's over the top)
Multiply that by two- of course you do the math. We'll obviously have even more on the 11th! With that thought in mind. If you haven't done your new year's resolution I'd like to make a suggestion if you'd let me.

In your resolution to improve one's self make space for at least one resolution that will benefit someone apart from yourself. Just think about it, there's some ones in this earth who would appreciate any random act of kindness. The mere thought that you even bother to make a resolution with them in mind is a good start for change. Lets all make someone happy this year, anyone for that matter.
Halfway through my Samanco and long done with my resolution

I'm feeling real smug about the newly opened Korean mini mart near my place. Now I don't have to worry about buying Milkis, Shin ramen or Samanco ice cream. The sales lady said they even had kimbap! This is really gonna be a good year I can already tell.

There's so many things to be grateful for in 2010 that I can only do so much as to work even harder this year. So for all the hard work here is my consolation prize for my losses in 2010- A photograph, which is possibly my best actually my favorite fireworks still shot of 2010
Trinoma December 18, 2010-no edits

If you're still not convinced, we'll celebrate new year again in February. WHITE METAL RABBIT BABY!

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