Of conventions, blogs, and gift giving

It's been another long week for me and my braincells are completely eh.. but anyways I still got to get around without getting hurt thanks to my precautionary powers and magic 8 ball yes yes I'm pretty much lost in every thing that happened this week so before everything becomes a blur here's a rundown of some events.

Philippine Kpop Convetion - December 11, 2010
The only thing I got to do was to go around and check out concessionaires, sign up for High Skool PH (Yes, I'm an Epik High Fan), meet old friends and drop by the Cass PH booth... where there's a lot of fandom love going on.
The CassPH booth
At the convention

Philippine Blog Awards - December 12, 2010
to physically attend the Philippine Blog Awards this year, is a whole new experience since I don't personally know the bloggers in the Philippine blog-o-sphere, I just went to see what the awarding was like completely out of curiousity. Ate Kring from My Korean Boyfriend snagged two video blog awards for her blog My Korean Boyfriend, Congratulations- Krimmy Couple all the way!
Undersecretary Manuel Roxas III was keynote speaker and Gabe Mercado was an awesome host (sorry I'm running out of adverbs that everything can just be so 'awesome'). Your eyes are not deceiving you, he's really wearing PJ's with cute bedroom slippers just because, as he said "they didn't allow me to host the event from my house, via webcam"
Being there is actually better than just browsing through the finalist on their website. See the list of winners here.

Christmas Gift Giving Program - December 13, 2010
Two words for the experience "culture-shock". I'm not trying to be a hypocrite but this outreach is completely different from the outreach childrens' party I've previously taken part of. Lets just say I'll charge a lot to experience for this handful.
At the end of the day I'm still looking for meaningful opportunities to share the Christmas spirit. I'm earnestly hoping that I can. I can't wait to jump start before 2011 dawns on me.

Later Days

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