Where'd the time slip to?

Oh crack it's back to school for me tomorrow. Well it's safe to say that I got to do the things I missed doing during the break.

I went diving again
Though my photos from my Canon IXUX80 IS which isn't hitting depths below 12 cm below surface (at the moment). I'm still waiting for the good shots come in the mail. Here are a couple from my cam
 this is how people recognize me underwater. I have yet to find a neon red mask and fins.
guess where this came from. (HINT: I didn't take it with my digicam)

Silver Screen Classics
While not underwater, I spent most of the time watching movies mostly by Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune (I'm a fan). I later learn of Tatsuya Nakadai whom is equally interesting. Apart from that I watch award winning films like The Host (yeah, finally!). And one for the postmodern jib which was Kanye West's Runaway. It's all over youtube if you haven't seen it.
 "because cool guys don't look at explosions"
-The Lonely Island

It's a short film-to mini movie of a mix-tape by Kanye West. I'd call this piece- artsy-fartsy. Now I don't know where I can get hold of Filipino Indie films. They're all over auteurs and I still have no clue where to watch it. DVDs maybe, but I don't know where to find those as well.

That's mostly what's going down during this break. I just need a little crank up and I'm back to business again. Thank God I'm still in school I don't know when I'll get vacations like this. Hoh yeah Christmas is coming soon whoopee!

Later Days

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