Thanks for the recognition!

Tis' a week old but it's happening.

Marz Today gets featured at Milkberry
Aya from Milkberry read my blog post for my top 10 influential bloggers and it made her day. Woot I'm glad I made your day!

We're at the FFFJ Media Competion, REPRESENT
In commemoration of the Maguindanao massacre that took place a year ago, we took part in a multimedia competition under the Public Service Announcement category. Surprisingly, me and my groupmates were finalists and landed 3rd place tied with another entry, also from our university. I wasn't really expecting  to much except for contributing to a great cause. Truly humbled by being among the finalist- and the dinner at Manila Hotel.
 The wieners who took home the hotdog. Photo by Kane M.

Marz Today's 2nd PBA nomination
I'mma put on my happy pants since Marz Today got nominated this year for the Philippine Blog Awards. Absolute wowza so Marz Today Readers, STAND UP!

Thank you God! You know you're made of WIN. And to everyone who motivates me to keep Marz Today going (6 years solid that is) you are all so AWESOME!

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