Someone's late for Halloween

That dog is a monster... m-m-monster and it's too late for Halloween to get dressed up like this

Dog gone Gaga
Today's trip to the vet was just to have a wart on her paw removed, actually it's more of a biopsy. We don't know what caused it. The vet also found a lump in her pores so he suggested taking it out too. That explains the gut patch on Hana.

Now she has to wear a Elizabethan collar to keep her from wetting her open wounds. I simply call it wearing a 'cone'. Fashion-wise I don't really enjoy dressing up my dogs but this seems to be necessary. I doubt any dog would enjoy an amplification cone around their neck, Teddy got to wear one after he got surgery. It's all just a handful of laughs when she got home, but it's not exactly funny since the vet found a couple of complications.

I saw Hana's bald patch when we were re-dressing her wounds. Looks like that's gonna take a while to grow back. While we got busy with Hana, Teddy was all about getting our attention like
"you're gonna pet me, gonna pet me, I'm here. Present present!"
One thing I noticed from his enthusiasm was that he thinks dressing tape looks like a tasty treat.
dressing tape = dog treat NOT
I may sound sadistic finding it funny that Hana's a mess right now but the only real funny thing was how "tipsy" she was from the anesthetics. If you've seen how Maryann does her mind control in True Blood that makes people lose their minds and have dilated eyes minus the orgy... well that's pretty much how Hana was. I knew something was off with her eyes, it took me awhile to notice.At the moment she's doing pretty well recovering. standing on all fours. Cheers to that.

Thinking if that drugee-act would have been CHEEZEBURGER worthy. For now, it's just gonna be another dog day for me.

Later days

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Blackeyed Chuchie said...

Hana looks so funny. She remind of the movie, "Mars Attack." Anyway I hope she get well soon. May she be on her paws agile as ever.