Lazy / Scared art produce

Finally something productive came out of my procrastinating (this translates to "I'm doing my paper but it's going to take me three days"). I tried working on Adobe Illustrator with basic vector outlines which came out pretty interesting. I started working on artists photos like SooYoung of Girls' Generation and U-know of TVXQ.

Like my previous vectors I still couldn't get around the facial features so I'm just really bragging about outlines I've made. Anyone with patience can do this.
Jung Yunho (TVXQ)
SooYoung  (Girls' Generation)

Apparently DA is running a turtle race with me so I didn't bother putting up everything tonight. So as plain boring as it is right now I think I might use it for a layout or graphic of some sort. I'm also thinking about painting it and see what happens with that or if I'm feeling gutsy I might as well finish vectoring a whole image one of these days. The alternative style I worked on was a self-portrait which I think I should use as DevID one of these days. My current one looks really titillating- and I don't like it that much (it's gonna meet the delete button one of these days). I made three of these.
Some Laudua Shitiko business going on with the first and last version. I just vandalized my awesome soon to be used planner with it too.

Basically I drew them on Adobe Illustrator and did the coloring on Adobe Photoshop because AI is not really cooperating with me and my braincells are flying off to Premier and Sony Vegas (which is another thing altogether)

I should get back to finishing my paper. My holiday isn't that long.

Later Days

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YJ said...

Hey gravieee. You should make one of me. Haha