iPod nano touch experience in extremes

I stumbled upon a new eye candy from Cebu Pacific's November issue of their in-flight magazine "Smile". This is the 6th gen iPod nano.

smaller than an iTouch, bigger than your budget?

The holiday season is coming faster than I can get anywhere in the Metro Manila traffic, so I'd be bricked if I said its crazy that Apple came out just in time with upgrades on hardware and apps. That established, I found this cute bite sized iPod nano and looked into it.

The 6th generation ipod nano boasts of it's touch features on a barely 1 1/2 inch square screen. Yes its JUST an mp3 player with an FM radio, photo viewer and a fancy touch interface for those who fancy fumbling with things on small screen. It goes for about 7990PHP ($149) for a 8gb version, pricey and I still find the Sansa Clip a better option although in terms of availability-on-purchase the apple contender wins hands down. I haven't seen the actual thing so I should drop by an apple store one of these days to check it out.

If there's one thing this is good for it would be a watch. What a coincidence I'm also looking in getting a new wrist watch for the holidays.

Gizmondo poses the question for the queer eye and fashion wise
does snaking your headphone cord up your sleeve in this situation make the idea of wearing an iPod as a watch more or less silly?
I think it's quirky idea but still pricey. Apart from Hex (as seen above) that goes for $29.95 there is also Griffin who offers a slaptastic metal covered silicone wrist strap at $24.99 which I have to say is groovy. I'll thrown my additional 2 cents that it's not available in Manila- yet.

You may not see it but that gorgeous red one has my name all over it

The only thing missing here is a drop test for the 6th gen iPod nano which I doubt anyone has tried doing. I reckon I have a habit of dropping my watch and getting it wet- maybe I should stick to Casio's Baby-Gs?

Later, kids

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