The Grand KPOP Garage Sale Not even a party but was like one

It was definitely a good decision to drop by at the Grand Kpop garage sale held by the folks behind the first Philippine Kpop Convention. Did you get to score a bargain like I did?
Jammin' and shakin' after the cut
It was close to being a guerrilla Kpop concert! (that's a good thing) and that fact alone was garnering a lot of attention. Someone came up to me and asked what was going on and I explained that this was like a coming together for different kpop fan clubs to basically, just chill and watch performances. Which typically describes what went down today at the garage sale apart from the bargain shopping.
btw, that's a standee blocking the tarp
Speaking of her first EP entitled Draw G's First Breath was launched on the same day. There was even a performance from who covered her song 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 (I'll Back Off So You Can Live).
Regarding her perfomance said
"Performing is different from Cosplaying. I am not cosplaying I am just performing her songs."
Kring (funny+sexy) and Aya (milkberry) was there too, as Kring said
"LOL. What hosting? I just randomly introduced performers and gave away p...rizes and tried not to look fat."
L to R: Kring and Aya and Kring giving away posters
so there... she was not hosting LOL. Mostly female Kpop groups' songs were performed by the fangirls
and of course the fanboys too. They didn't fail to strut their Kpop boy band moves to the likes of Beast, SS501, and even Taeyang to name a few.
I got see familiar faces at the Candy Sky/ Big Bang booth
Jung Yunho commands everyone to fall in line... a true story success
Though the merch sales were limited to four-five concessionaires, by 2pm (when I got there) there was still a lot of buzz going on around all booths. The good merch like albums and magazines have already been bought by then but I still managed to cop a good deal for four albums. Here's my loot.
Namie Amuro - Queen of Hip-Hop, Clazziquai - Color Your Soul, Instant Pig, & Love Child of the Century
I'm just about as good as completing the first 3 releases from Clazziquai's discography. Just to my surprise I finally settled my longing for Namie Amuro's Queen of Hip-Hop (ho yeah I'm on a roll with her discography too).

A lot more performances went on till after 5pm and the crowd wasn't going anywhere. They were watching the performances from all angles
It may not have been mentioned but there were some cosplayers / costrippers (whichever they prefer), apart from the fact that there were performers who would be dressed up as a Kpop artist. Here some epic YEY for Kim Jaejong's fans
Jaejong stopped by at the booth to get a tattoo ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ. AKTF tattoos, a merchandise for sale from CassPH
This Jaejong was seling Tohoshinki / Cassiopeia chocolate bars and AKTF keychains. Woot enough bias there was also a Taeyang cosplayer. (^_-)☆

That's pretty much a half day's worth of fan-girl/boy-isms on the grand Kpop garage sale. The profits of this event will go to the preparation of the upcoming 2nd Philippine Kpop Convention on December 11 whose proceeds will go to Gawad Kalinga (it's for a good cause). 

Hope to see you guys on the next event!

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