Gelato ala Gelatissimo

You wouldn't pass out on this ice cream if you had bling

in photo inside Gelatissimo, Trinoma branch

I saw this gelato store earlier this afternoon while I was looking for early dinner. I knew I had to get some of that colorful gelato. Hear this, it's more than just "colorful" ice cream.

Even on a cool rainy night, I knew I just had to try some gelato at Gelatissimo because the display was just truly tempting! It could be the lighting or my hunger game is playing with my mind. This trip to the ice cream store was like walking into a Baskin Robbins shop where you can try the ice cream flavors just to help you decide on which one you want to get. While we were deciding what flavor to order the staff entertained other customers without failing to introduce one of their double favor combination to us. Mum got to try the green apple and mango combination as suggested by one of the gelato men.
in the display, half of the favors they have to offer

There was a lot of flavors to choose from I would have had a hard time picking one but they happen to have green tea gelato which is not too sweet (a tad bitter but hardly noticeable), just the way I like it. Mum had a scoop of their new flavor called lime and coconut something?... honestly can't remember such exotic name for an ice cream but it was an unusual mix of flavors. I tried it and it was not bad at all, flavorful and interesting (rich stuff!).
Excuse my glutton but this is my one scoop of green tea ice cream. I swear there was a lot of this probably 9 minutes before I took this picture but I eat like its gone in 60 seconds. If you're more of a I-want-all-the-flavors-in-one-go or I-love-sundaes kind of person you might as well check out their seemingly sinful concoctions that's perfect for sharing.
Yeah I know this photo is so blah that it beats the purpose of being a picture but you can check out their sundae flavor recommendations on their website.

This would be a new guilty pleasure for me, mum was like "this is something I'd eat once a year" and I'd was like whut?! NOOOO, just because of the x number of calories there is in ice cream (excuses! ... you buy ice cream when dad wants) though Gelatissimo claims that their gelato which is made from sorbet being 100% fat free and premium dairy between 90-97% fat free (you do the math). They also offer yogurt gelato.

Actually this is quite a pricey treat. 110PHP ($2.5) for one scoop on a cup (or cone? I'll try to get back on that) that's the smallest size they have and if I'm not mistaken it's slightly bigger than Dairy Queen's 9oz ice cream cup but these guys serve it above the rim. 120PHP ($2.7) for two flavors in a cup which is their medium sized serving, I'd say it's roughly as big as DQ's 12oz cup but filled above the rim.

The ambiance is just about as good as saying that your in a Italian themed ice cream parlor. They've got a posh space and I'd probably bring a friend over here instead of coffee. They offer that also but I wasn't able to check that out. I just saw that they offer Italian coffee like Affogato to go with your ice cream (OhMyGastonimcals!). I'm really going here instead of coffee.

You know my photos didn't do justice for the awesomeness of this gelato place (cellphone photos, oh please save me). On the bright side you can find a photo of their other flavors and a small sized cup filled above the rim before it's been touched or licked or anything of that sort from their customer posted photos on flickr. You be the judge if you would second my motion that it is not just colorful gelato but tempting as well. fat free ice cream, kids! FAT LESS = less guilt haha

Later treats!

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