1st sem "hell" what?

I'm back and I'm sharing the pains and joys of college life.
In photo (L to R): May Katwiran ang Katwiran Poster, Zipper Magazine Cover, Perletine Print Ad (top), Perletine toothpaste (bottom)
On the last stretch of the first semester, being a junior college studdy has been prolli the only time in my life that has truly been a whirlwind in my entire school life. I had to juggle contests, acads, and a stage play. On the bright side of the whole thing, me and my mates came out in one piece. Although I wouldn't say the same for myself, but that's nothing a couple of Criterion movies can fix over the week. YEAH TOSHIRO MIFUNE and AKIRA KUROSAWA ♥♥♥

Earlier before the play what I enjoyed working on the most is our magazine project for feature writing class where I worked as the layout artist. My professor required us to produce a hard copy of the actual magazine so we did a duck hunt for the cheapest printers which is essentially like looking for a needle in the hay stack.
Zipper Cover
Zipper Back page
Long story short you can find cheap magazine printers in Recto. We had ours done in Print Lane and it came out pretty good for a reasonable price. Magazine printing prices ranges from the quality, color and number of pages your magazine you has. In our case we spent roughly about 1500PHP (34$) for just one copy. With a price like that I didn't bother getting a copy for myself.

Now to figure out how to make a thumbnail preview of the whole 40-paged .pdf file.
Just in case you're wondering, this is not a knock-off of the Japanese magazine called Zipper. WTH!?! homaigadwhatdaitaskjhgdywgshizz


The latest business I had to deal with was a theater play which I directed called "May Katwiran ang Katwiran" (Reason has a Reason) by Rolando S. Tinio. It's been the most tedious activity I had for the whole semester because other activities were happening here and there for the whole prod staff that I wouldn't know where to find them when I need them. Despite that peeve, it isn't new to me- its hard but I enjoyed. The only thing I regret doing was that I've been generous with taking excuses because of various circumstances (even the most pointless ones you wouldn't bother taking the bullet for). Perhaps if Marz Ren from 2004 ran the show, I'd have knuckle sandwiches for breakfast till dinner but you have to understand that this kind of discipline is more of a necessity than a personality complex because in the theater everyone and everything has to work.

There's that one quote I picked up somewhere along this experience
"Its the things that make moments imperfect, perfect
I have to thank the prod staff for doing such a wonderful job at it on the show night and for giving me the opportunity to direct the play. CHUNKIN'CHEEZERS YOU KIDS MAKE ME PROUD
The curtain call Photo by Carlo I.
Commercial Works
For advertising class, me and my groupmates worked on producing public service announcements (PSA) and a commercial for our made-up product. My group's product is a toothpaste but wait till you see the commercial.

...it's no ordinary toothpaste! I also had fun making that CM on tri-media. phew, glad's that over. Now a well deserved break from all that jazz. I'm going back to the bottom of sea.

See you underwater, real soon!

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