Sportsfest 2010

Hard work pays off, but that's not in my case, what would I know? I'm just a nutcase, and a handful of one. Now with the sports festivities finished it feels like I've just unloaded a sack of rice from my back but I then realize that I still have rice to cook. I've also realized that after putting much effort into pursuing things for a greater good (no matter what the outcome is), its just good to sit down and enjoy what you've been working on from a different perspective.

I've undergone training for Table Tennis. 
This is the first time I've gone through formal training for table tennis because honestly, I just play for fun. I've made new acquaintances and met great people during the training period. I even met table tennis athletes made of win. Many thanks to Sir Henry D. for hooking me up the great sports men of team TATAP. Long story short if you REALLY HAVE TO KNOW. I did not win except for a defaulted game (which is the only win I've got this year- just so you don't have to rub it in). Which goes to show, my pingpong is not strong enough to withstand an improvised table tennis table. pun totally intended.

Cheering preparations was no walk in the park, I'm not a cheer dancer and yet I'd know because I've been there before.

but it came out pretty awesome!

I guess I've gotten used to the usual hype the cheer dance brings to the whole of the school. There wasn't as many guests this year. I'd figure it'd be so just because they might have not gotten over the fact this is the season of Ondoy. One year ago from today was when the devastation happened, Thank God its not a yearly thing or I don't know what wouldn't be soaked.

And there goes the home run, I'm out

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