I Rained out of time

Dumbfoundead - Clouds ft. Jay Park and Clara C.

After much ado about nothing, I ended up not going to the concert even when I had the chance
This is just as bad as getting struck by lighting, it is an experience not a lot of people can live through
It happened, I'm here and I'm just not gonna be butt hurt about it.
But it was quite a notable experience for me, somehow. Yes, I'm pathetically trying seeing good out of this

I only have myself to blame for it since I've been mopping the whole day for all the things I have to worry about (anniversaries, birthdays, practices, school) that I didn't even bother checking my blog earlier. Ahhh screw that, I'll get over it anyway. So while folks were having a fun time at the concert I stayed home being butthurt but I'm kinda over it. Hopefully I won't meet the same fate on a Se7en or Dong Bang Shin Ki / JYJ concert. BTW folks, I'm just saying just because
Although it doesn't link to the artist page. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be Se7en. Dang it, I'm not playing my cards well.

Despite my ridiculous situation I'm still glad that there's a bunch of happy folks happy from seeing Rain and U-kiss, and my supposed ticket made someone else happy. no doubt about it and I am very thankful for everyone who helped me with my endeavor at such short notice.
Now if only I had a dollar for everyone who liked my comment at MCS. They'd all be a dollar richer

So time and time again I will continuously remind you kids and folks not to screw up at life like I do. This song by Dumbfounded, "Clouds", goes out to the folks whose gotta get out of the slump like I do. The clouds will roll out and the sun will shine through even thought I wanted to watch Rain, seven years of waiting is just.. waiting

Later days

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