Vacation on a Holiday

We should take a break on holidays. I'm sleepy more than anything else but I decided to spend the day outdoors. I get a knack for staying in house for a whole day.

The vector graphics continue
In Photo: Little devil

Vacation on a holiday
Today we were supposed to wrap up the play, just that last part and we'd be good to go. However I had to call off the rehearsal because of a short notice that the venue was closed because of a holiday- Ninoy Aquino day. It's actually the first holiday in months that isn't a working holiday for me.

I caught up with watching Oh! My Lady and Wallflower this morning. For some reason I couldn't sleep. I suppose my body clock is in another time zone after a weeks worth of mind buggers keeping me up. Apart from not catching up on sleep I floored the book sale at National Book store. Sadly the art books were priced so fiercely that I decided not to buy any *SELF CONTROL* instead I splurged on 3 novels, one which I had been coveting for some time now and a text book on how to Rule the web. I are dork .
My favorite from this bunch would be The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie. I knew I had to get at first glance because it was the last copy on the shelf... Dude! Hugh Laurie, Doctor... House, whom I used to just know as some bad guy in 101 Dalmatians. I wouldn't have known he had talent in writing too. Its nice to read a novel written by an English chap every now and then.

I've been raving about Trese's 3rd book which I though I could wait to buy until the book fair, but I just had to have it. I hope I'd still have enough reason to go to this year's international book fair, mum wouldn't budge on going since she's been been to all the book sales since last week.

The shirt project
I'm in the biz with Greg-o and I am as far as I know, He got me as their unsigned employee as a graphic designer. My first print was put on the test run. Another first for Marzial Arts.
check out my deviantart for more vector arts

Buzz around the street
The highly anticipated Kpop Convention is coming this December also that same month is part two of Kpop Nation. Whoa whats up Hallyu hype in the RP?

Other shorts of note within this week:
Baby Thesis 8.18
There is nothing more exciting than working on a thesis!
If this statement were worth my cents. I'd triple it for incentive and royalties! Although I took it slow on this one because my only problem with this was acquiring published material for my study. I have only myself to blame for bringing it upon myself and my partner. These Vampires are starting to grow on me, someone please send in the zombies to go eat em' all!

Working Holiday 8.19
The first time I could declare a holiday a working one, on a personal note. Almost half of the block crashed at Daisy D's pad for first theater practice and second getting their marketing research together. I got two words for this day 'TEAM WORK' and another two for those who... well aren't in with the team spirit (if there is any for them) 'UTTER FAILURE'. I don't know if I'd be sorry for myself for letting these folks dig their own graves of what not but I have to be honest that I feel awful for them because they're bringing the rest of us down in their graves. Jeez, some crabs gotta get cooked outta that mentality. This is bad for my mental health, sir.

We are zombies 8.20
Me and couple of blockmates were like zombies playing table tennis yesterday. I'd be the rabid nutcase one second, the next I'm completely out of it, really! We need to catch up on this if we want to make good for our game. We've been working are butts off after mid-terms and tests disguised as homeworks that get my dad saying "What you staying up late for? You nutcase!".

Mum wants your happy juice! 8.21
Customer service 101: Enthusiastic employees equal happy customers. I couldn't get over the fact that mum enjoyed her bus ride from Morayta to Q. Ave. she tells me it is the first time she rode a bus on that route. She was really happy with the conductor slash barker of the bus.
Conductor: Sakay na, sakay na! Libre sakay, maybayad lang yung sine
Lady: *boarding* Ay aircon *steps off*
Conductor: Nay, bakit "ay air con"? Mabuti nga yon para di kayo ma-heatstroke
Lady: *hops on*
Conductor: Hop on, hop on! Free ride, just pay for the movie
Lady: [boarding] oh its air conditioned* [steps off]
Conductor: what about the air con? This is better! So you won't get a heatstroke
Lady: [hops on]
*In Metro-Manila air conditioned buses costs more than an ordinary bus. Ordinary buses are open aired buses, no air-con system.

In general, The HRD Mentor enjoys enthusiastic employees therefore she recommends that "We could all use more enthusiastic employees". Here and every where.

AHK! I still owe people favors. My post on Top 10 Influential bloggers for the year should come around in a little while. Blogger pruned my first write-up and it was made of win. Gotta do it all over again.

Later days folks!

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