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It's been another one of those grueling weeks, that I could avoid being unmindful of the things that has been going on. I believe I owe a number of people a number of favors.
Back to vectoring. Looking back at the week
In photo: vector art test: Strawberry

A hard knocks week flew by quickly. last week:
 Poopshoosh photo shoot last Monday. Then some theater practice and table tennis practice to add to the list. Prelims last week! We got to do a live recording for our radio prod class. Compared to the pre-recorded productions we do, this was a lot more fun because its spontaneous. Basically the only time I got off from all the piling school wasn't even for myself. Instead, I be jamming at other people's party

Yesterday I brought mum to check out the newly opened Saizen in Trinoma. We bought a couple of odd items for the house while I saw this castanet, which mum bought without second thoughts.
You caught my nose
In your left castanet, love
-Tom Lehrer Masochism Tango
I'm getting back to the vectoring business. I really need to get a graphic tablet soon. Working with a mouse is tedious. I'll be working on Adobe InDesign for our magazine project so I'm already anticipating that a graphic tablet would come in handy. I've also got kicks for coming up with a t-shirt design project with Greg-o.
I've got a lot of ideas that needs to get produced however I don't have a lot of time in my hands. I got a crazy term paper to write, a theater production to run, favors to do. I wish I could catch up on sleep.

Later Days kids

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