My top 10: 2010 Influential Bloggers

As part of the nomination process for this year's Influential bloggers
Meet my top 10 picks / nominees for this year's Influential Bloggers
My picks (to collectively describe them): Have some inclination to Asian Pop Culture, mostly notable people in the Metro-Manila pop scene / culture, quite popular among the young generation, have something to do with my interests, and most especially have influenced my blogging one way or another.

1. My Korean Boyfriend - Ever seen My Sassy Girl? No? You should see it. While your at it, you gotta read the blog where the movie was adapted from. PSYCH! Don't get me wrong but reading this blog is like filling in the gaps of the story of My Sassy Girl except the female lead is a Filipina and the leading guy is Jejekim/Jejemon Korean. So if I were to give points for this blog they'd get a +novelty +passion +life +crack-lol on their over all score.

2. Milkberry - Aya introduces you to the world of Kpop with ease! Apart from it's clean cut layout who doesn't love fan girl action? Aya seems to have covered every Kpop event in the RP since- well I'm not quite sure when but I can tell you that she's among the Wonderfuls so you do the math. Milk + Berry what a peculiar name! I can only think of strawberry milk.

3. Wanderr Girl - Arriane is my WANDERR GIRL! Apart from getting a reply from 2PM hottie, Nick Khun and interviewing notable netizens involved in Asian web culture (such as AAChan & Mayo Wo) I was particularly drawn to the blogger because of her admirable independence. I felt even more motivated after finding out that she's working for the government like hello, juggling fan-girl-ing and work can be a handful but she manages to get it done. I look up to this wonder girl.

4. Facebuko - At first you might mistake it for a phishing site at first glance but actually it's one of those gag sites where you find all these famous people as friend-of-friend. Even wonder how a conversation between Snorlax and Totoro turned out? I'll tell you as early as now it's made of win!

5. Sankofa - I like one particular post from this site and it was about his first experience in buying something online. I haven't read anything as in-depth and personal as his online shopping guide to Yesasia, especially. He's been battling out the bias put on Girls' Generation here in the RP so he makes it into my list.

6. Tricia Will Go Places - Who doesn't love a photographer? Tricia Gosingtian whom I used to fondly regard as the cosplay-photographer now the fashion model / icon. She's practically everywhere if you look at the right places (lookbook, deviantart, inquirer, and local magazines). What I like about this blogger is her sense of style, Japanese influenced and all that jazz thrown in the world of cosplay photography and fashion. It's quite a predictable-unpredictable mix of things I like. And so I follow.

7. I am Bourgeois - Keep up with me now, moving on to fashion here's one youngins who can keep you on the know with make up (which I am completely clueless at). What I like about the blogger, apart from being a young entrepreneur, co-owner of an ukay-ukay shop, she sure knows how to bring the bargaining / budget know-how on the world wide web. As the thrift-thief that I am, I totally dig this blog. Kudos for the pocket saver posts!

8. Tea Completely - It's only recently that I've discovered that there are such people as Tea connoisseurs. Then that makes me a tea enthusiast. Well actually I didn't know I was until I fell in love with the tea reviews on the blog it should be evident, somewhere in my previous posts- but whatever. I would have milk tea every day and not get tired of it, even if I'd just be reading about it on a blog. I should have realized earlier and now I'm following this blog. Long live drinking tea!

9. Konnichiwear - So much for the Tricia Gosingtian bias, I am also following friend Dominique. As I've first landed on her blog I fell in love with it instantly (well you gotta give kudos for eye-catching content). So you can chew me for being bias but if you give the blog a read then you'd know that its not really about my bias at all but the posts are written with a personal touch and much gusto to be in love with fashion.

10. K Street Manila - A newly established site for those who want to follow whats hot in the Kpop scene / Hallyu Wave in Manila. I suppose I'm just eagerly anticipating another update from these guys.

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Pao said...

Congratulations and good luck to all your nominees! :-D

HuMi-ChaN said...

Excuse me my English too bad. But I have the habit and simply need to meet who tells me.
I don't have idea of how you came to my blog, but it's always nice to find someone with the same tastes as me. No need to talk to me in Spanish, I'm used to translate, even a bad one at that.
Turning to the issue .... I've really fallen in love with the guys in the Tuxedo Team.
Some artists think they are excellent, not only as cosplayers. As artists completely.

I hope you understand at least some of my article ... You are right, they are really fun!

HuMi-ChaN said...

This image ... is yours? Well, recently, but I've been thinking of deleting my articles about the Tux team, as Jin has told me she likes more that the situation remains so ambiguous .... But now I can not! because I am unable to delete something when I have left no comments> <
I tried to find the direction of that image because it caught my attention, but I not found it again ... I must say that you blog I find it a bit difficult to handle ...

Regarding Miguel ... I very much respect the man, is a wonderful artist, a charming person, and I love his smile. But, I have simply been honest.
His work Shonen ai is my favorite! I arrived there for the sasunaru (xD)
It was very strange, but now they are people that I can consider as one of the best artists I've met