It's melt your braincells week!

(talks in superior military general voice) Yes kids, we got ourselves here a serious case of braincell meltdown apart from the 100,000 we lose everyday and that fact that thinking too much can cause Alzheimer's. THIS IS TRUEFAX much!
This is Marz Today

What gives a college student massive braincell meltdown after the cut...
1.) SCHOOL PAPERS - this actually breaks down in more specific categories because if I was just plain lazy or procrastinating whichImostlikelyamNOT this would not induce massive braincell meltdown (・-・)
  • Synthesis papers
  • - this would normally be easy if you knew what a 'synthesis' is in the first place. It's neither a comparative review nor a summary (according to my source). In all honesty I avoid the words that have 'thesis' in it thinking that any word that has anything to do with it is just going to be no good for ... some people. Especially when you're given the source material a day before its due.
  • Thesis proposals
  • - I would have been better off doing an interpretative paper about a topic I like but there are many considerations to be taken like what you and your thesis partner (If you have one) would understand and appreciate doing a study on. I got this thesis breakdown paper due this week, I've done it last week only to discover that I've been working on a non-qualitative study and now I'm re-doing it again ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||) because I'm mad like that.
  • Reading materials
  • -I have nothing against reading, it's fun, it's good for your vocabulary but if you have no idea or background whatsoever of what your reading, its as good as reading Korean if your Chinese. 
2.) Priority battle: School VS Family - I believe I'm not the only whose experienced this situation. It's pretty common and the best advice would be 'balance your activities' or to 'get your priorities straight'. If not, you're bound to get torn apart. Within two weeks I've attended two weddings (by the way many congratulations to those lovely couples), had folks over from many nautical miles away, emotional baggage to unpack for friends and the like. Ok so who doesn't have that? I get tired thinking about what to attend to first in the night and end up like zombie in class.

3.) Events - JEEZ! All the good events happen when you don't have the time
I know it's not vacation so what right do I have to complain? *zips mouth*. My seniors tell me that their junior years was the toughest but then again like the soldier I am, we signed up for the pain but DUDE! This is obviously braincell mutiny!

Well it's no use complaining, I'm just saying. Later Days folks!


Andrea said...

Heyyy Cinemalaya's showing in UP from July 20-30 ;) I hope that helps your Cinemalaya problem! And if your watching, tell me so that we can finally meet! ;)

Marz said...

@Andrea: awesome awesome awesome! that saves me from commuting all the way to Manila. Thanks for the heads up, and I'll let you know when I do go. =D