Let's talk about SG part 2

Yey! I've finally recovered the missing pictures here's more action from the Lion City.
Day 2: City Tour, River Cruise, and NOMING!
In photo: Clarke Quay
With did a half day city tour around the City arranged by Luxury Tours (whose office is in Concorde Hotel, home to our favorite food court); We did this is for my Granny since it's her first time in SG and my first to get thisclose to the Merlion down at the Esplanade park.
and drank whatever came out of the Merlion.
We also paid a visit to Singapore's oldest Taoist Temple, Thian Hock Keng Temple 天福宫 in Chinatown. This place used to be a sea side temple but on a 1 km radius from here, there is no sea in sight. This is a temple dedicated to Taoist sea Goddess Mazu 媽祖 to protect sea men in their journey.
If you look up to the ceiling, you'll find a number of interesting things like these
After Chinatown we went up to Butik Faber, more popularly known as Faber Point where we got a panoramic view of the Lion City.
Mt. Faber is also home to yet another merlion.

In the afternoon we went to the very colorful Clarke Quay hoping we could try the popular Chili Crab with a cousin of mine at Jumbo restaurant but the reservation we made was canceled since it rained. So much for chili crabs, we ended up having dinner at another food court. Which IMO never fails to satisfy our taste buds.
But before we got down to the eating part we did a river cruise. We saw a number of notable bridges like Anderson bridge (under construction), Coleman Bridge, and Cavenaugh Bridge (yet another one of those oldie but goody landmark). The next photo is The Fullerton Hotel, the place where they serve chocolate buffet. Sign me up for that on my next trip!
 this is a river taxi, with eyes (they usually use tires for this) because of a Chinese superstitious belief that keeping eyes on all sides of the boat keeps to safe from bumping into harm at sea.
A little later we saw five naked boys jumping into the Clarke Quay river; They didn't seem to mind the attention at all
I wouldn't join them in for the record, those five naked boys are a representation of the old way of life in Clarke Quay. I'm sure I understand why this is since we have young boys swimming in Manila Bay or Pasig River then. I'm sure you get the idea.
NG stands for "No good" while lah is usually added at the end of the sentence by most Singaporeans. It's called Singlish. Know your Singlish lah, ok can? can can!

We winded down at Central Mall in Clarke Quay which I love so much because of all the chic Japanese fashion stores. *tip* There's also a Japanese Book store there. We had ice cream at Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream Shop and I had this wonderful Vanilla Matcha soft served ice cream. I love the supermarket too! I got myself a really big Choco Baby and I mean really big.
 nom nom nom. snacks! Choco Baby Choco Damulag

Clarke Quay At Night. The view right next to Jumbo Restaurant

A little later into the night after walking from Clarke Quay back to our hotel we caught up with a cousin of mine and had dessert at TCC (The Coffee Connoisseur) in Funan Digital Life Mall which is right behind our hotel.
I had a delectable slice of their Mango Diva cake, It's relatively new in their menu.

end of day 2

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