Hurray for the new layout

What's with the new look all of a sudden? I just felt like changing layouts today. I haven't made my post since my trip to SG because the computer ate my pictures. LITERALLY.

Greg's U1010 lifebook died on us during the second night of the trip... and Greg thought it was on sleep mode and I left it as is. However today we brought it to the local Fujitsu service center only to find out the problem is it's motherboard and now we're having a hard time getting the data out since it's running on a 1.8 PATA HDD which Fujitsu did not manufacture an enclosure for. However the nice guy Rainier from Fujitsu said that he'll try his best to see what our options are with this handful . I haven't had tech-fail in such a long time it feels frustrating but thankfully mum took a lot of pictures while we were there so that made up for the missing photos (at least most of em).


looks like you'll be seeing more of this much colorful layout than the previous one. I hope Nicole won't keel me for making my alterations. It's a great layout though and I've left the credits intact. Hello again to my unearthed cbox hahaha

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