Chocolate is the greater finery

Dad brought this with him on the way from Panga, apparently the wedding fever still isn't over; nuff said as I get to try this one of a kind of chocolate.
nomnomnoming this way...
I'm not familiar with Turin but I think we have that brand available in the Philippines however their liqueur products is limited to one flavor which is Cherries liqueur chocolate (that I rarely see).
I've done a quick research on this but no box packaging like this one (this must be a limited edition box type packaging, well I'd like to think of it like that- it's more special that way). I only found the Original Irish cream flavor in the Swedish milk can packaging on Amazon. It does taste like Baileys and on the plus side, it's alcohol free so the kids can have some of this too.
Taste verdict: On first bite it tastes somewhat like Kirsch but is overpowered by the milk chocolate then gradually you'll taste the Baileys flavor.
and I loose it like the chocolate guy

More on Turin
Their website is in Spanish. You might just grow a sweet tooth by going through that website despite the language barrier. Their Baileys chocolate is listed under their liqueur products that boasts not only Baileys but also Kahlua, Jack Daniels, and Jose Cuervo to name a few.  This reminds me a lot of Royce when I first had a taste of their chocolate. Mmm epic yum!. Thanks to Mng. Marilag for sending these ☺♥

Later days!

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