Cass PH GK Day

So the folks behind 7G thought of giving back, I mean why not right? It's a pretty sweet gesture if you ask me.
From the past GK events Cass Ph held this is officially their second and my first time I attended one. I must be missing out on a lot! My day begun with getting off at Jolibee in Commonwealth thinking that I would find at least 20 people wearing red; I did see a number of people wearing red except only the D.S siblings who passed that same Jolibee branch were the only two wore a Cassie shirt. Then I figured that I was at the wrong Jolibee branch and I had to teleport to the Jolibee in Vilonco.
I see a computer in that list
We went to the site by riding a jeep and presto we were there!
 We had to walk a little bit towards the school from the barangay outpost
As we got to Sibol Elementary School we had to choose little bumpkins to pair up with for the activities. Then I met these cute little girls.
L to R: Ida, Kristine (at the back), Lady Mae, & Alyssa
They were a handful, Ida is a very shy kid, Alyssa was too but she later warmed up to me, Kristine stuck around more with the other Cassies, and Lady Mae was very friendly and enthusiastic.
We played games with the kids and after my failed attempt at paper dance, I let the kids try taking photos with my camera. Lady Mae enjoyed it and took the most pictures among the four. Here are some of her good shots:
Lady Mae tries doing a selca
Lady Mae's best shot of me
Then the host for the day arrived, Jhai Ayala. You can find Jhai on Flippish shows such as Direk (check out Koreanovela). LOL and behold all the fun that took place afterwards.

HARD CORE fangirling in progress
 After all the games we handed over all the new school materials to the kids plus they each went home with new school supplies. I'd be like "HOH YEAH" if I was a little kid who got a goody bag full of school supplies.
Ate Darel and Kuya Ron handing out the loot bags and coloring books
I had fun today. Thanks for the lovely time, everyone! Till next time
Later days

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