Sunday Duties

I have you done your Sunday duties today? Tomorrow is finally elections and tonight will be the only night where you can sleep and feel like the country's fate relies on your vote. BECAUSE IT DOES. It's not too late to make that life changing decision. If you have the power to vote or exercise your right to suffrage do it with much gusto!

Tomorrow we'll experience the new electronic election system but don't you worry too much. As a long as you've been reading blogs, news and watching commercials (may bilog, may bilog) you're pretty much right on track. If you're still lost now if the right time to learn how to vote, LIKE A NINJA!

If you're literally lost Google maps can help you find your precint. If you need a practice sheet to perfect your shading skills, you can use a practice sheet for your local district / city or a practice sheet for national candidates (president, vp, senators, partylist).

I mark today as the end of another noisy candidacy period. For some its the nearing end of gun and alcohol ban. I don't know about you but I'm getting up early and making my vote count because I believe that the people are the sovereign rule of this nation. No one can take that away from the people of this republic.


See you after elections, kids

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Lydelle. said...

Hi ate marz. HAHA. I'm reading your blog again. I missed visiting your site. :) Take care. ;) *sorry it's off topic. :}