Randoseru: Kinda cool but just plain expensive

Ever wonder why Japanese kids have the same backpack? It because Randoseru ランドセル (from Dutch word ransel) is required to go with their school uniform. I remember seeing a number of these during the Toycon and it has always struck me as to how rare and expensive this bag is to get locally unless you have unlimited access to shop on ebay.
43,000 yen = $471 = 21,723.66 Philippine Peso

That is one expensive bag I'd choose over a Hermes Birkin handbag any day. Although its associated with kids who are in their early years of education, most Japanese kids who feel ashamed of wearing it would often find ways to destroy the sturdy Randoseru. I actually think it's pretty stylish. The randoseru also represents the carefree childhood days of a person so technically a full grown adult wearing a randoseru  it doesn't always equate to him or her going back to school.

While doing research on this bag I came across some big numbers; The cost of sending kids to school in Japan
Kindergarten (3 years - public): 729,962 yen
Kindergarten (3 years - private): 1,611,457 yen
Elementary (6 years - public): 2,003,070 yen
Elementary (6 years - private): 8,240,327 yen
Junior High (3 years - public): 1,414,387 yen
Junior High (3 years - private): 3,800,593 yen
High School (3 years - public): 1,561,758 yen
High school (3 years - private): 3,131,439 yen
Total for all public (15 years): 5,709,177 yen
Total for all private (15 years): 16,783,816 yen
Source: DannyChoo.com
I remember Akira O. bringing this up so long ago but it didn't seem like a big deal back then. I know paying for education is no walk in the park, every parent and child should know that. On the lighter note I still wouldn't mind having one of these bags despite the age range. You're never too old for a sturdy coveted bag.

This bag originally comes in two colors black (for boys) and red (for girls). However as far as being fashion-forward takes us, the Randoseru more of fashion item and is manufactured in different styles and colors.

Check out the different styles available at http://www.randoseru.ne.jp/

All the rave for a bag that I'm hoping to find in Singapore...

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