PSTD 36th Convention

Here's the group who aims to make the Philippines the training hub of Asia by 2012 and I got to work with them for this year's convention.
My four day account of the three day convention whut?

Day 1: Pre-convention day
Me and mum hitched a ride with Tito Jet N. and Mrs. Double O and arrived at Taal Vista in the afternoon with just enough time to settle down and get down to business.
Mushroom burger is a couple of blocks away from Taal Vista (I had no idea it was thisclose) so we had dinner there. They had this 'sweet mushroom' dessert which I tried. Turns out its pretty much like drinking black gulaman but instead of gulaman you have sweet mushroom in it. Not bad for an odd dessert / drink (It's a drink, though they insist its dessert). Then it was back to preparations after dinner but before we could think of retiring early for the night, everyone had their hands full that we were working till 12 am, and some even later.

Day 2: Convention Day 1
good morning highway, good morning horse ranch, good morning hotel room view
I got up early from late night work and had breakfast with Tita Dors, Louis and Malka. YEY food! The expat manager-san who we met during the ocular was there again. Though I didn't see any edible art displays that day. I knew I'd be seeing more of him during the convention so while he did his job me and the secretariat team prepared for the incoming delegates.
now serving delegates A to E
A little later followed the ribbon cutting and opening ceremony after the 9 o'clock mass.
We (me, Malka, Justine & Frances) led the invocation with the help of Tito Leo who was the voice behind literally the convention hall. As early as day 1 there was much learning and ice breaking to do among the delegates.
 just dance
Don't get the wrong idea, this is not dancing convention 2010. It just so happens that we had a lot of cooperative participants that we've managed to break the awkward air.
Later the speakers did their talk, there were Mr. Micheal Potter and Ms. Olen Suarez-Lim to name a few. After all the talks finished the delegates had workshops of their choice where they learned comedy, modeling, acting and singing which they had to present on fellowship night.

Day 3: Convention Day 2
I came down with a flu so I practically missed a whole day of the convention activities. I spent most of the time in the hotel room (yey, vacation!) and my ad design made it on the front half spread of PDI. (Did you guys see it?) What a way to start the morning when sick.
Even though I missed out on the day's work I had to see what happens on a fellowship night. There were ooh's and ah's during the folk dance presentation. They had speakers and delegates try dancing Tinikling. The participants was very in to it that they stayed because they want to share what they learned from the workshop the previous night. It was a fun-filled fellowship night if you ask me.

Day 4: Last day of convention
I was back on my toes to work though the work load isn't as much as day 1, we had evaluations to collate, certificates to prepare, last minute errands to run but despite that we were just taking it easy since its our last day.
 Mum and Tito Turok had a presentation that day which I took time off to see. Roger Collantes (Author of Beyond Survival) was there too although I didn't get to listen to his talk, I would have probably enjoyed that. Even if it was the last day there was still a lot of things being discusses in the convention halls. So much learning!

I had to help out with the video slides since everything was rush rush rush during the end. When that was done, I took a quick peek in the convention hall to  see everyone hugging and touching with some even crying. I figured these people got pretty close in a short span of time. They stuck their commitments on what I think is the "commitment kubo". I thought that was cute.
the Kubo during the fellowship night

With that ends another successful convention, kids. Till the next one

I'm off to the Lion City again

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