I'm going to commit hearing suicide

This shouldn't surprise you since most of the kids from my generation has a pair of earphone stuck in their ears this very moment, I am probably no different from most of them. I've once shared with you my blog post about my Zumreed Sfits (which I love very much still). However I've been a bit paranoid when I start hearing glitches with my music. so paranoid that I've started to think I've got uneven hearing

I usually listen to music from my laptop at 192kbps to 320 kbps (mostly CD rips from the net). And lately I've been working on hard subbing Fugoh Keiji and I have to bear with the annoying voice of Kyoko Fukada and some slap-stick placed SFX which can get annoying when you gotta go over a couple of scenes. I miss hearing Dolby digital DVD movie quality sound.  I'm a sound junkie like that

This is old news but I've brought back my Sfits back to the apple store once (20 days after purchase) to show dissatisfaction because a small part the band fell off. So I brought it back hoping that they'd replace or fix it or something (I can't do to fix it myself at least). Although all I got was a lousy tip from the sales man that my warranty does not cover the broken part. He told me also that they could fix it with super glue and I settled with that; They didn't have super glue so I had to go out and go buy it myself so that they can fix it for me. Of course I didn't want to ruin my 2800PHP (roughly $63) purchase and made sure that they'd really fix it apparently I don't grow money out of my parents pockets for personal purchases.

Long story short the salesman did fix my Sfits but it wasn't in mint condition anymore. As I watched him 'fix' my headphones I felt lousy thinking that I would have done a better job with the super glue. At the moment my only peeve would be its right ear cushion leatherette is starting to get crusty and cracked. I don't keep it in warm places, haven't worn it with earrings on, or carelessly stuffed it in my bag (mine has its own cloth case) so I have no idea how this happened.
How would you guys from Zumreed take care of this problem? I've given up on buying another headset since I'm pretty much tied down to this one because its an equipment that gets the job done. How I wished the warranty just covered the damages so I can get a move on.

Headphone VS Earphones
Right now I'm looking at getting back to using earphones which I usually end up breaking easily because of the wires. I've discovered these eye candies from Sony's brand new PIIQ line. It's a far cry from my current $63 headphones, a $14 deal doesn't sound so bad, judging that it's Sony (but they don't make it a good as they used to back in the days). I'll keep my fingers crossed that they'll have it in Singapore.
To my music loving and audiophile readers, I'm still stuck in the dilemma of getting myself a PMP (either USB sized / credit card sized). I'd get an apple but only a nano which is on the bottom of my list. There isn't any Zune 8GB here in the Philippines. I've researched and found out that it's even been faced out. So I'm really onto to that sansa fuze hoho lol I've gone desperate with this audio obsession. A little more and my hearing might just commit suicide from all these overwhelming audio equipment.

then again, listening to music can eventually make anyone go deaf...

Clean your ears kiddies.

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