A Day at the Race Track

I spent my Sunday at the San Miguel Raceway in Clark, Pampanga where I get to experience real racing very unlike my Initial D races at the arcade. Because the real thing is definitely extreme.
The tracks of San Miguel Raceway
In photo: dirt bike motor cycle race

Clark San Miguel Raceway
 racers waiting area just right bellow the control tower
When we arrived the motard race was about to start. Motards it's like motors + retards. JUST KIDDING! *gets jump kicked*. Its a kind of race for motocross bikes installed with regular tires. This race was followed by the car race and 400cc -1000cc big bike race. Not only does Clark raceway have a regular race track but also an off road race track for motocross and dirt bikes.
from left to right: 400cc - 1000cc race, 3rd picture motard action stills
We were invited to watch the race by Mr. Kim who was a part of the race himself (400cc big bike division)
I gotta pass a "춬함니다" to him for winning the race. We weren't able to stay for the second run in the afternoon since we couldn't stand the heat. Now I know what all the rave about the heat is all about. I was just thinking just how much hotter it was for the racers in their jumpsuits and helmets.why so hot?!

One more realization I made was that racing more engines are very noisy. It's not like the noise from tricycle or a Harley Davison bike that's somewhat tolerable. Check it!

Through out the first run of the big bike race there were three casualties but only one racer had it serious (he was brought out of the track by an ambulance but he's able to walk). They had to restart the race without them. So kiddies, you ought to figure out by now that racing is not just about driving in a straight line or being cool by over taking on sharp curves. Racing is an extreme sport and I should say "This sport is done be real professionals, don't try this at home".

later days

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